Shadowrocket VPN is better than 911 Dollar VPN

Shadowrocket VPN is the new alternative to 911 VPN, which was everyone’s favorite for browsing or surfing the web privately. 911 VPN just suspended its operations unexpectedly. Users are left wondering what VPN alternatives to 911 $ VPN exist.

Shadowrocket VPN

This is a proxy-based VPN that runs on iOS operating systems like iPhones, iPads, and iPods. The VPN was launched by Shadow Launch Technology Limited. The VPN is strong enough to do the following:

Send all of your device’s HTTP, HTTPS, and TCP traffic through the proxy server.

Decrypt HTTPS traffic.

Perform URL rewriting.

IPv6 is fully supported.

The script filter supports

multi-level forward proxy

Local DNS mapping

Block ads by domain.

Support the kcptun, cloak, gost, and v2ray plugins.

In simple terms, there are a lot of features this app offers to help you stay invisible and access any website of your choice.

How to use Shadowrocket

While it is easy to use Shadowrocket on your iPhone or iPad, it cannot be used in isolation. You would need a strong proxy from a third party website like

  1. Visit the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and search for “Shadowrocket” which has the below logo.
  1. Shadowrocket is subscription-based, so you would have to pay for it, which costs around $3.50. Once you complete the purchase and install the Shadowrocket App on your phone, it will be time to proceed to the third-party proxy website, which is (Note: You can access this proxy website either on your phone or computer.)
  1. also requires you to make a payment as low as $4 to be able to have some strong socks allocated to you. The modes of payment here are eight bitcoins, perfect money, and webmoney.
  1. Once you’ve received your socks after subscribing, you can begin copying one at a time and inserting it into your Shadowrocket App on your iPhone or iPad to activate and use the VPN for private browsing.