Best Beaches in Accra and their Location

Is it beach time in Accra? Well, there are several busy beaches on the coast of Accra, which, I assure you, will give you a lot of entertainment until Mama calls. Of course, there are other good beaches in other parts of the country, like Cape Coast, Keta, Takoradi, etc. But for now, let’s look at what we have in Greater Accra.

What are the best beaches in Accra?

Labadi Beach

The name of this beach originated from the community in which it is situated, “Labadi.” This beach comes with many facilities to spice up your visit. Apart from primary activities like swimming or sitting under a shed to relax, you can also opt for horseback riding, bike riding, and some other sports activities. Labadi Beach is arguably the most famous beach in Accra because it attracts a lot of people. Famous stars in Ghana and even from Nigeria like Wizkid, Burna Bwoy, Davido, etc. like to relax at the Labadi beach. They operate seven days a week. So, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Bojo Beach

Bojo Beach is located around Old Bortianor. It’s famous for being the only beach in Accra that you can only get to by crossing the still water on a canoe or boat before getting to the beach. The shores of Bojo Beach are very clean and well maintained.

Luxury Beach

This beach is also located at Old Bortianor, off the Kokrobite Road. It’s a combination of a pub and the beach. If you are someone who loves to enjoy real music at the beach, then Luxury Beach is the place for you. In fact, this beach is highly recommended for young people.

Kokrobite Beach

Here also, the name of the beach is derived from the community of Kokrobite. The beach here is beautiful and very busy. It’s famous for reggae lovers and a lot of travelers from Jamaica. If you want to have a different beach feeling, then you may want to visit Kokrobite.


It is critical that we take you through guides that will inform you of what to expect when visiting a beach in Accra.

  1. While some beaches in Accra are free, some actually charge a fee before you are allowed to enter. These charges could fall within the range of 5 cedis to 50 cedis, so don’t be surprised when you meet such a situation.
  1. Some of the beaches do not allow you to bring food from outside. Whatever you intend to eat must be purchased from within.
  1. Be cautious about your security. In fact, on some of the beaches, if you are not careful, you might end up having your important belongings like mobile phones, money, etc. stolen away from you. Don’t just put your personal belongings in a bag and leave it idle; if you have a car, put them in it and lock it.