List of Hisense Fridges and Prices

Points: Hisense Ghana | Fridge | Types | Price | Cost | Where to buy | Double or Multi Door | Cross | Chest Freezer | Refrigerator | Upright  | Telephone Number | | – Hisense Fridge is undoubtedly among the quality brands of Fridges you can find on the Ghanaian Market, Whether you have a low budget or high you can still get a very quality Hisense refrigerator, I am going to list below the models and prices.

Types of Hisense Fridges

Please Note on Hisense Official Website the Prices are not listed, they would want you to call them and ask of the price, their customer service number is: 030 255 0000

1.  CF260L Chest Freezer-Silver

2. CF330L Chest Freezer-White

3. CF400L Chest Freezer-White

4. CF660L Chest Freezer – White

5. FC55D 530L Chest Freezer

6. Hisense Cross Door Inverter Side-By-Side and Lower Drawer Refrigerator 536L

7. Hisense 215L Two Door Refrigerator-Silver

8. Hisense 235L Multi Air Flow System Upright Freezer

9. Hisense 249L Refrigerator-Silver without Despenser

10. Hisense 264L Refrigerator-Silver with Water Dispenser

11. Hisense 330L chest freezer with Adjustable Thermostat- White 330LCFW

12. Hisense 500L Super Freeze function Refrigerator-Silver

13. Hisense 620L Cross Door Refrigerator -Silver (Inverter)

14. Hisense 620L Dual-Tech Cooling Cross Door Refrigerator -Black (Inverter)

15. Hisense A+ Energy Efficiency Refrigerator 321L Refrigerator-Silver 321LRFGS

16. Hisense Freezer 170L Electronic Control with Adjustable Thermostat Upright Freezer

17. Hisense Refrigerator 130L Table top -Silver

18. Hisense Refrigerator 150L Refrigerator-Silver 150LRFGS