Rabbit feed price in Ghana

Points: Rabbit | Feed | Food | Rabbits | Cheap | For Sale | How to | Accra | Kumasi | Cape Coast | Tema | Takoradi | Koforidua | Animal Farm | Price || – Rabbits are liked buy many people because of its health benefits it has for humans, The economic benefits as well. I am going to tell you few benefits of a rabbit meat and also how to feed a rabbit incase if you decide to get one.


1. The meat contains a good proportion of easy to digest protein

2. Meat from rabbits has a lower calorie count than other meats.

3. Rabbit meat is almost free of cholesterol, so it is supportive in the heart.

4. The sodium content of rabbit meat is comparatively less than other meats.

5. It is currently one of the finest white meats on the market.

6. This meat contains more calcium and phosphorus than most other meat.

The food schedule for your rabbits must include clean and fresh water and at least one packet of fresh good grass every day around the size of your rabbit. Depending on the size of your rabbit, an adult-sized handful of cleaned, dark leafy greens and one or two egg cups of pellets a day is sufficient.

Fresh clean water

Make sure the rabbits have regular access to safe, fresh water. Provide water (e.g. heavy ceramic bowl/drip-feed bottle) the way they are used to. Rabbits prefer bowls of water. And also make sure the water is algae-free

Daily grass

Rabbits require a minimum one quality hay package that is as large as they are each day.

There should be high quality, new hay at all times and, preferably, rabbits should have exposure to rising grass for grazing.

Green Leaves

Rabbits should have a handful of healthy leafy green vegetables, herbs and weeds washed every day.

Feed regularly, preferably 5-6 different varieties, such as cabbage / kale / broccoli / parsley / mint, a variety of greens.   To stop possible stomach upsets, add new kinds of greens progressively in small quantities.

Feed a limited quantity of high-quality pellets/nuggets to your rabbits every day.

Measure 25g of the pellets per kg of the body weight of a rabbit, and feed up a limit of two entire egg cups for a medium-sized Rabbit (2kg).