Know this before shopping at Melcom Ghana

Shopping at Melcom is ideal for many Ghanaians. Generally, shopping at Melcom Ghana is fantastic. But whether you are a new or experienced shopper at Melcom, there is certain vital information you should use to assist you with your shopping.

What kind of products do Melcom Ghana sell?

Perhaps this is your first time trying to visit the closest Melcom shop for some shopping. You don’t want to get disappointed by getting there only to notice they don’t sell what you are looking for. I’m going to list below a number of products that a well-stocked Melcom shop will have on their shelves for sale.

Cetegories of products for sale at Melcom shops

Melcom Ghana deals in various categories of products. It is always nice when you visit a single shop and are able to find anything you need to buy.

  • Furniture
  • Electronics & Appliances
  • Food and Beverages
  • Toys for Kids
  • Baby Products
  • Sports and Fitness
  • BooksLights and Hardwares

Is there a Melcom shop in my area?

Even though Melcom shops are scattered around many parts of the country, a lot of places still lack Melcom’s presence. They may have to go a longer distance before they could locate a Melcom shop. My advice is that if you intend to buy a lot of products in bulk, then it makes economic sense to move a long distance to shop at Melcom. But if you just want to buy a single product that does not cost much, then it will make a lot of sense to purchase that from a retail shop near your house. If you don’t have a Melcom shop in your area and you still want to find one, here is a list of Melcom shop locations in Ghana.

Melcom Discounts and Promotions

Melcom Ghana has a way they give discounts to their loyal customers. When you visit Melcom shops they have a shopping card which you can subscribe for one and use it for shopping next time when you are back to the shop. This card enables you to have some discounts on your purchased products and you should take an advantage of that.