Prices of Used laptops for sale in Ghana

Used laptops like HP, Dell, Mac book, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, MSI, Alienware, and many other brands are cheaper and easier to get in Ghana. Used laptops in Ghana are priced based on their specifications. for example, the processor type, RAM size, hard disk size, screen type and size, etc. Some used laptops are as good as new and cheaper, so you will be able to save a lot of money for yourself.

1. Used HP laptop

HP LaptopPrice in Cedis
HP Core 2 duo700
HP Dual Core1,100
HP Core i31,800
HP Core i52000
HP Core i72,800

2. Used Dell Laptop

Dell LaptopPrice in Cedis
Dell Core 2 duo850
Dell Dual Core1,200
Dell Core i31,800
Dell Core i51,900
Dell Core i73,600

3. Used Lenovo Laptop

Lenovo LaptopPrice in Cedis
Lenovo Thinkpad Core 2 duo950
Lenovo Thinkpad Dual Core800
Lenovo Thinkpad Core i31,600
Lenovo Ideapad Core i32,300
Lenovo Thinkpad Core i5 2,500
Lenovo Ideapad Core i7
Lenovo Thinkpad Core i7

4. Used Macbook Laptop

Macbook LaptopPrice in Cedis
Macbook Core 2 duo
Macbook Pro Core 2 duo
Macbook Core i5
Macbook pro Core i5
Macbook Core i75,000

5. Used Asus Laptop

HP LaptopPrice in Cedis
Asus Core 2 duo720
Asus Dual Core1,300
Asus Core i31,700
Asus Core i52,500
Asus Core i72,800

6. Used Acer Laptop

Acer LaptopPrice in Cedis
Acer Core 2 duo900
Acer Aspire Dual Core1,100
Acer Core i31,400
Acer Core i51,600
Acer Core i72,700

7. Used Toshiba Laptop

HP LaptopPrice in Cedis
Toshiba Core 2 duo900
Toshiba Dual Core1000
Toshiba Core i31,400
Toshiba Core i51,700
Toshiba Core i72,200

Used Laptop buying guide

However, buying a used laptop or computer sometimes comes with a challenge that you can easily avoid. Below are some challenges that sometimes come with buying used laptops or computers and how to avoid them.

When buying a used laptop or computer, because you might not have the time to check all aspects of the laptop to see if everything works well, you tend to purchase a faulty one without knowing, and if you bought it from an unknown person (not from a shop), there is little or no chance to reach back out to these sellers again.

Prevention: Before purchasing a used laptop, make sure to perform thorough checks in the following areas: 

i. Keyboard: Open any notepad on the laptop and make sure to enter any character on the keyboard to make sure everything works.

ii. Battery Health and Life: While the laptop is on and running, make sure to monitor the rate at which the battery runs down; if it drains quickly, there is an issue with the battery. The minimum battery life of a good used laptop should be at least 2 hours.

iii. Check the storage size to see if it is really what the seller says it is.

To check, press Windows Button + E on the keyboard. And find the “This PC” icon to click on; this will show you the size of the hard drive available in the laptop.

iv. Check the size of the processor and the RAM to see if it is really what the seller says it is.

To check, press Windows Button + E on your keyboard. Locate the “This PC” icon and right-click it to open a menu. Now click on “Properties.” This will show you the size of the processor and RAM.