KandiMix Herbal Mixture, Ingredients, Dosage, Price

KandiMix Herbal Mixture is a Ghanaian-made herbal product that is capable of curing common illnesses. It’s a form of liquid and is well packaged in a 750-ml plastic bottle. The herbal medicine has been widely publicized through various media outlets.

The medicinal plants found in KandiMix Herbal Mixture are traditionally employed in folk medicine for the treatment of inflammatory disorders and microbial infections, including but not limited to: waist pain; candida (white); syphilis; bilharzia; prostate infection; discharge of white fluid; menstrual pain; blood urine; and so on. The patient should use five (5) bottles of the KandiMix herbal mixture in order to treat these infections.

Because of the photochemical qualities of KandiMix Herbal Mixture, which is an entirely herbal medicine, it treats S.T.Is without causing any negative side effects. should be combined with the Omintimirim Herbal Mixture for optimal results.

How to use KandiMix Herbal Mixture

The dosage of Kandimix is listed on the box. But once you are here, view the table below for the dosage.

Adults (18 years and older): 60 mL three times daily.and should be taken 1 hour before a meal.

Children (12–18 years) 20ml three times a day.should be taken 1 hour before meals.

Where to buy a KandiMix herbal mixture

KandiMix Herbal is available in most pharmacy shops in Ghana. You can check with your local drugstore to see if you can buy one. In case it is becoming difficult for you to get one, you can contact the manufacturer of KandiMix, “Gideon Hinneh Herbal Centre.”

Contact information for KandiMix and Omintimirim Herbal Mixture

Phone numbers: 0242-104-288 and 0208-274-555