Sony PS prices and accessories in Ghana: PS5, PS4, PS3, PS2

Sony PS Prices in Ghana

Sony Play Stations, which many call PS for short, is a game console by Sony. The game console, which is compatible with many games, the most common of which is football or soccer, is a device game lovers should have.

Types of PS available and their prices in Ghana

The PlayStation game console, which dates back to 1994 when it was launched and introduced to the general public, has seen great success.

Sony’s ascent to dominance in the video game industry was highlighted with the release of the PlayStation, a machine that was part of a new generation of 32-bit systems. The PlayStation, which was also known as the PS One, was the first video game console to use compact discs (CDs), marking the beginning of the transition away from cartridges in the video game industry.

PS 1 : 

PS 2: 550 cedis

PS 3: 1,200 cedis

PS 4: 2,600 cedis

PS4 Pro: 3,100 cedis

PS 5: 10,000 cedis

Which PS type is cheaper?

Obviously, the PS type, which is very old and outdated, is the cheapest. Any PS version older than the latest PS 5 version will be less expensive.

Which of the PS is the latest?

The Sony PlayStation console has seen several new features added to it from time to time. The PS 5 is the latest or current PlayStation console with up-to-date features. Hence, this can be considered the best one now.

Where to buy a PS console in Ghana

There are several shops that sell PS consoles and their accessories in Ghana. Popular among them are Franko Trading, Electromat, Telefonika, etc.

How to Begin Using a PlayStation Game Console

When you get your PlayStation game consoles for the first time, you will still need a display screen to be able to start using them. Based on your preference, you can get it connected to a small or large screen. From what I have seen, many people like to connect their PS consoles to their flat-screen TVs. You will also need to purchase the game you want to play with your PS separately.