Who Is Yulanda Wilkins? Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Husband, Wiki

Yulanda Wilkins is Tyler Perry’s sister. Tyler Perry is a famous actor. Well, I’m guessing that most of you are familiar with the name Tyler. Tyler is a well-known actor in the United States. In addition to being an actor, he also has a career in directing, producing, and screenwriting.

Wiki Facts

Full NameYulanda Wilkins
First NameYulanda
Last NameWilkins
Birth CountryUnited States
ProfessionCelebrity Sister
Father NameEmmitt Perry, Sr.
SiblingsTyler Perry, Emmbre Perry, and Melva Porter

Is Yulanda’s brother Perry married?

Her brother Tyler is a very affluent individual, despite the fact that there is very little information available about Yulanda on the internet. If we go back in time, we can see that the gentleman has been in a serious relationship with a woman named Gelila Bekele ever since 2009. A little over nine years have passed since the pair was last seen together. Gelila is a free-spirited woman who has established careers for herself in the fields of modeling and filmmaking. Also, the woman assumes the role of a social activist throughout the story. Going back in time, the two of them initially connected in 2007 while attending a concert by Prince. Even though the man and the woman had been together for a very long period, the reason why the man did not propose marriage to the woman is still a mystery.

Yulanda Wilkins’ brother Tyler Perry with his previous partner Gelila Bekele in an unusual method of announcing the news of becoming a father.

Even though they haven’t tied the knot, they are already parents to a child whom they named Aman Tyler Perry. After five years of marriage, they were blessed with a child. Do you know how the woman broke the news to Perry, her husband, that they had such fantastic news? Hence, the woman showed him the positive pregnancy test results over Facetime and confirmed that she was indeed pregnant. In addition, the artist has stated that there is no one else for him to be with save her because of how wonderful she is.

Isn’t it better to be a good father than a good husband?

Has Tyler talked about this at all? In case you were unaware, the long-married couple has recently divorced each other. The person in question has revealed to his followers on social media that he is now a single man and is looking forward to the next phase of his life. Yet, they have opted to continue being wonderful friends despite the fact that they are no longer together as a relationship. They do have children. They have the same aspiration: to live up to their son Aman’s high standards. The musician continued by stating that he would be the best possible parent and person overall. What more could we ask for at this point?

Blessed with the greatest three siblings

Emmitt Perry, Sr., and Willie Maxine Perry are her parents’ names. Yulanda Wilkins has three more siblings. Many of you are familiar with Tyler Perry, born Emmitt Perry Jr. The guy is very talented since he is one of the highest-paid individuals in the entertainment sector. Emmbre Perry comes next. As a film director and actor, he works in the same industry as Tyler. The actor is known for his roles in No More Games, Two Is Better Than One, and Every Family Has Problems. Melva Porter, her sister, is the last person on the list. Little is known about her.

Tyler’s difficult upbringing

When Tyler was younger, his life was much different from how it is now. At the time, Tyler was a young guy, and he was confronted with a challenging circumstance. In point of fact, he made an effort to take his own life. You have not misheard anything. The only option for him to avoid his father’s smacks was to follow the activities. After witnessing this, his mother and Tyler went to the church. It wasn’t until he was sixteen that he decided to change his name to Tyler. This was done with the intention of keeping a healthy gap between him and his biological father.

Net worth

Due to the fact that it was impossible to ascertain where Yulanda got her money, Tyler Perry, Yulanda’s brother, is believed to have a total net worth of one billion US dollars as of November 2022.