Why choose a granny flat designer?

If you’re thinking about building a granny flat, there are many things to consider. First, do you need one? Second, how much space do you have? And third, what style will suit your needs best? We’ve put together this guide to help answer the question of why choose a granny flat designer, this question and more so that when it comes time to build your own customized granny flat at home or abroad (we know they’re available all over the world), everything will go smoothly from start to finish.

Custom-made granny flats

Custom-made granny flats are designed to suit your needs. They’re built to last, so you can choose from a range of colors and materials, such as timber flooring or concrete tiles. You can also choose the layout of your home and even select fixtures & fittings if you want them to match the décor in your main house.

Inclusions and fittings

When you choose a designer, it’s important to understand what their inclusions are and how much they cost. Inclusions are the things that go into your home that aren’t included in the price of the flat, but still need to be fitted. For example, if you buy a granny flat designed by our company, we include kitchen appliances such as an oven and fridge as part of our service. If you want these items fitted at a later date (e.g., because they were damaged during transport or installation), we can arrange this for you at no extra charge—and there’s no extra charge either if you decide not to have them installed. 

We also offer fittings—a wide range of items including light fittings (e.g., lamps), power points/switches (for things like plugs), wallpapers/paint finishes etc… The number of items varies between designers so please ask us about this when choosing yours.