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Model, actress, and internet personality Valentina Victoria hails from Brazil. She became popular on YouTube. Valentina Victoria has garnered a lot of attention for the sexually suggestive photographs she posts on her Instagram account. In addition to that, she utilized her YouTube channel to publish videos pertaining to fitness.

Wiki Summary

NameValentina Victoria
Age30 years
Date of Birth1993
Net WorthUnknown
ProfessionModel, YouTuber, Social Media Personality
Height5 feet 7 inches


Valentina Victoria was born in these United States in 1993. Her birth year is 1993. So, her age as of right now is 30 years old, and it is unknown what sign of the zodiac she was born under.

Yet, it is known that she has American citizenship despite the fact that her ancestry is unknown. There are still many mysteries surrounding her childhood that have not been solved.

In a similar vein, she has finished all of her schooling and consequently needs to obtain a higher qualification.

But, the academic requirements and the name of the institution of higher education have not been made public as yet. There is no question that she does not want other people to learn about her past, particularly her childhood.


Fans who share photographs of Valentina Victoria on her social networking sites have been receiving negative feedback from the model, Valentina Victoria. She has published videos in which she discusses fashion, conducts clothing hauls, and demonstrates her gym routines.

She has had positions of employment with reputable companies such as Fashion Nova, Lulu, BeBe, Shein, and Amazon. In a similar manner, she is employed by Adam and Eve, Reseado, Zaful, and a great deal of additional companies. She made her debut as a YouTube star on February 17, 2020, which marked the beginning of her career.

Sheln THONG Try On Haul was the title of her very first video upload to YouTube. In addition to that, the initial view has racked up more over one million views.

When some time had passed, she published a video on her channel entitled Thongs and Thigh Highs Try on Haul. It was uploaded on the 30th of March, 2020, and has received more than 2.1 million views.

Also, she has published a video with the title Mini Skirts and Thigh Highs Try-On Haul on her YouTube channel.

The film was uploaded to the website on August 3, 2020, and it has received more than 5 million views. In a similar vein, it is the stuff on her channel that has received the second most views. She has received 4.8 million views for the video that she has labeled Secretary Try-On Haul. In addition to this, it moves up the ranks on her channel to become the third most popular piece of content.

In addition to that, she has published movies such as “Fall Mini Dresses Try on Haul” and “Off Skirts & Shirts Haul.” In addition to this, the video she created entitled “Stretching for Bridge Routine” has garnered 3.8 million views.

Office Looks with Leather Skirts Try On Haul is the headline of her most recent video upload on YouTube. Her YouTube channel now has 599 thousand subscribers to her videos.

In addition, she has 25.7 thousand people following her on the official Instagram account she uses. On several social media platforms, Victoria is quickly amassing a large following.


Valentina Victoria has not disclosed any information regarding her private life. She has maintained an extremely private attitude toward her life and has not divulged any information about it. It is also unknown whether or not she is in a relationship at this time.

Yet, the information that we have indicates that she has not yet found a partner. In a similar vein, she has been uploading sexually suggestive photographs to her several accounts.

In addition to this, she has been getting positive feedback in the comment part of her post. Because of this, Victoria has not been involved in any of the rumors or scandals that have been circulating.

She has maintained the confidentiality of her personal life, and she is the only manager of her own private affairs.

Age and Date of Birth

1993 is the year when Valentina Victoria was born and she was born in these United States. The year 1993 is the one in which she was born. So, her current age is 30 years old, and it is not known which sign of the zodiac she was born under when she was born.

In spite of the fact that her family tree is a mystery, it is common knowledge that she was born and raised in the United States of America.

Net Worth

Her modeling job as well as the monetization of her YouTube channel are her primary sources of revenue. In a similar vein, she also brings in a significant amount of money through sponsorship on social media.

There is no question that she is able to maintain a lavish way of life. She lives in a magnificent mansion in the Los Angeles area that she owns. In addition to that, she possesses a number of cars with recognizable brand names.

Height and Weight

Valentina Victoria is a tall and lean woman. Her name is also Victoria. She has a height of approximately 5 feet 7 inches and weighs close to 57 kg. She is 34 inches tall, 24 inches wide, and 36 inches tall. She possesses lengthy hair that is a dark brown and eyes of the same color.

Valentina Victoria FAQ

Which year was Valentina Victoria born?

She was born in the year 1993.

How old is Valentina Victoria?

She is 30 years as of now.

Where is Valentina Victoria now?

She lives in Los Angeles.

What is the net worth of Valentina Victoria?

Her exact net worth as of now is unknown.