Simple Tips and Tricks to get more MTN Data Bundle

Online life in Ghana is getting more and more exciting, but you need a reliable Internet service provider (ISP) and enough data to watch the latest viral videos on social media, make purchases, learn more, finish tasks, and more.

It’s too expensive to get an internet bundle in Ghana, a country that wants its citizens to be able to compete technologically with those of other countries.

I am going to share a few tricks with you so that you can understand why it is far better to purchase that type of MTN internet bundle.

Any time you dial *138# to purchase your data bundle on MTN, you get the following rates:

PriceBundle Size
GH₵ 148.54 Mb
GH₵ 2116.28 Mb
GH₵ 3476.19 Mb
GH₵ 5609.76 Mb
GH₵ 10980.39 Mb
GH₵ 399216.47 GB

If we look at the price list carefully, there are certain tricks we can apply here to spend less on a bigger internet bundle.

Trick 1: Instead of buying GH₵ 10 directly, which will give you a data size of 980.39 Mb. You can choose to buy GH₵ 3, which gives you 476.19 MB, and buy it three times, totaling GH₵ 9 and giving you 1.42 GB of data. You save GH₵ 1 and gain an extra 448.18 Mb.

Trick 2: If you have enough money, the best thing to do is to go ahead and buy GH₵ 399, which will give you 216.47 GB worth of data. You may not realize it, but if you purchase with GH₵ 399, you will receive a massive internet bundle of 216.47 GB. But if you decide to buy your data in pieces between GH₵ 1 to GH₵ 10 all the time, I have shown below how much money you will need to spend before you can finally get 216.47 GB’s worth of data.

We will use a simple formula to do the calculations.

GH₵ 399 = 216.47 GB, in terms of megabyte, 216.47 GB is equal to 216,470.00Mb

So let’s divide 216,470.00Mb by the bundle values of each price.

GH₵ 1 equals 48.54 Mb, so 216,470.00 Mb divided by 48.54 Mb equals 4,459 Mb.

  1. If you keep buying GH₵ 1 data bundles, you will need to spend GH₵ 4,459 to get 216.47GB
  2. If you keep buying GH₵ 2 data bundle, you will need to spend GH₵ 3,722 to get 216.47GB
  3. If you keep buying GH₵ 3 data bundle, you will need to spend GH₵ 1,362 to get 216.47GB
  4. If you keep buying GH₵ 5 data bundle, you will need to spend GH₵ 1,775 to get 216.47GB
  5. If you keep buying GH₵ 10 data bundle, you will need to spend GH₵ 2200 to get 216.47GB
  6. But if you buy GH₵ 399 data bundle, you will need to spend GH₵ 399 to get 216.47GB

Profit 2: You can see that it is better to find the GH₵ 399 so that you can buy 216.47GB data bundle at a time so that you can make very huge savings.