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Shadé Zahrai, a native of Australia, is a well-known speaker at TEDx events, as well as a consultant and TikTok celebrity. She works as a consultant for peak performance for Fortune 500 companies. Shadé has been an inspiration to millions of people all over the world with her innovative ideas and high-quality content. She is one of the very few TikTok stars who have earned over 1.2 million fans in such a short amount of time. People now have many more opportunities available to them to help them build an audience and to maximize their impact on the individuals who have shown interest in them as a result of their use of social media. There are a lot of these influencers who are becoming huge names on social media, and Shadé Zahrai is one of those huge names. She is considered to be one of the influential popular people. Her interest in cultivating healthy communities is combined with the knowledge and skills she has gained through studying psychology. Shade keeps on sharing short films with the intention of motivating people. She stepped down from her position on the Forbes Coaches Council in recent years. She is well-known for her inspiring videos as well as her expertise working in business settings. Additionally, she has garnered a lot of attention for the captivating photos and videos that she posts on Instagram. She has a significant number of devoted followers. On any social media platform, Shade is an engaging presenter who is able to create genuine connections with members of whatever audience she addresses. Shadé Zahrai has found that being consistent, filming numerous videos per day, and uploading high-quality content that people want to see is the key to his success. You will be soon seeing her in Modeling shoots.

Wiki Summary

NameShadé Zahrai
Age33 years
Date of Birth1990
ProfessionBusiness Consultant, Psychologist
Net Worth$750k
Height5 feet 2 inches


The continent of Australia is where Zahrai calls home. She was born in the city of Brisbane, which is located in the state of Queensland. Shadé was born in Australia and still maintains her Australian citizenship today. Her grandparents fled their homeland and sought asylum in the southern continent when they were refugees. At their place of residence, they were subjected to religiously motivated hostility. This information was communicated to half of Shadé’s Facebook followers at one point in time by Shadé herself. However, she did not mention the country that her ancestors fled to when she was asked about it. It’s possible that it’s India, Pakistan, or even another country in the area. In spite of the fact that the girl’s physical appearance provides us with some clues, we are unable to draw any definitive conclusions.

It seems likely that Zahrai was born in the year 1990 based on circumstantial evidence, such as the graduation date given on his LinkedIn profile. Many people are under the impression that she is much younger than she actually is since she has a very young appearance.

Shadé received her high school diploma from Hornsby Girls High School. After that, she left for Europe, where she attended the Universitat Graz and earned a degree in law there. She attended Oregon State University in the United States to complete her education in psychology and earn a degree in the subject. In the year 2021, a young woman was awarded her Doctor of Philosophy degree in psychology. Her academic interests covered topics like management of staff and leadership in organizations.


After a period of time away from the legal profession, the Australian woman resumed her career as a lawyer. She gained valuable experience in both her personal and professional life, but ultimately she decided to pursue a different path in her growth. In light of recent discoveries in the scientific study of psychology, Shadé laid the groundwork for the establishment of Influenceo Global Inc. This is a large consulting organization that focuses on the development of leaders, career advancement, and overall performance enhancement. A tiny project geared specifically toward women has recently emerged as a result of Zahrai’s efforts. They have increased self-assurance and a sense of accomplishment as a result. Her page on LinkedIn is the most reliable resource for information regarding a successful and lengthy career as a business psychologist.

The management consultant maintains a blog on various social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok. The overall number of subscribers is greater than 2 million individuals. Not only by huge corporations, but also by smaller companies, her strategic planning services were highly valued and appreciated. The young woman has garnered a lot of admirers among individuals who are just starting out in business as well as regular people who are looking for tips on how to live their lives more effectively. When it comes to the latter, Shadé will on occasion host free training sessions.


The woman’s name is Zahrai, and she is married. His name is Faysal Sekkouah. He helped establish Influenceo Global and is one of the company’s co-founders. In addition to that, he was a member of the Forbes coaching staff and he and his cherished wife are both moving in the same professional direction. There is not a single piece of information that pertains to the children. It looks like both members of the pair have their hands full with their jobs.

Height and Weight

She is younger, more beautiful, and boiling with sexuality. She has a slim determine. She has a huge following among young people and is therefore extremely stylish. To me, she seems very much like a doll. She has a height of approximately 5 feet and two inch, and she weighs approximately 55 kg. She is of a Slender Construct. Her eyes are the same color as her hair, which is also brown. She has beautiful, huge eyes that give off a really intriguing appearance, and her hair is quite long and silky. Her demeanor is quite alluring and she possesses a very appealing personality.

Net Worth

This woman is a rare example of a business consultant who is truly an expert in her area and who not only teaches others about success but who also has achieved success in her own life. It was not made clear how much her fees exactly amounted to, despite the fact that they were quite high. It is possible to arrive at a figure of $750,000 for her personal wealth, and $400,000 for her annual income. At this rate, she will have a million dollars in her bank account within the next year or two.

Age and Date of Birth

Zahrai considers the landmass of Australia to be his home continent. Her actual birth date is a well guarded secret, her year of birth is 1990 and she is 33 years as of now, she was born in the city of Brisbane, which is found in the state of Queensland. Shadé was born in Australia, and she hasn’t renounced her citizenship there since she was a baby.

Shadé Zahrai FAQ

How old is Shadé Zahrai?

Her complete date of birth is unknown but she was born in 1990 and she is 33 years as of now.

Is Shadé Zahrai single?

Shadé Zahrai is a married woman.

Who is Shadé Zahrai’s husband?

The name of her husban is Faysal Sekkouah.

Where was Shadé Zahrai born?

Brisbane is where Zahrai was born.