Rachel Shoaf Married A Fellow Convict Bio, Age, Career, Net worth, Wiki, Husband, Height

In 2012, Rachel Shoaf and her companion Sheila Eddy made news after they were accused of murdering Shoaf’s best friend, Skylar Neese. The case was a bone of contention for a long time. Rachel has been in the news lately for marrying another inmate while she was serving time for her crime. Internet conjecture regarding Rachel’s lesbian past in the murder case has been rife, despite the fact that the truth of her having a wife is unclear.

Is Rachel Shoaf Married?

Rachel’s spouse’s gender remains unclear, despite some non-conforming discussions on Reddit, Twitter, and other social networking platforms. Some online posts also identify Amy Nicole Cobb as Rachel’s alleged spouse. Still, unless there’s official word to the contrary, consider the rumor to be baseless. However, Rachel’s friendship with Sheila, which surfaced during the investigation of the murder case, may have given some credence to Rachel’s earlier lesbian yearning.

Who is Amy Cobb?

Amy Cobb used to work as a nurse in West Virginia. She was 31 years old in 2016, so she might be around 37 in 2022, if the reports are true. So, she was most likely born in 1985.

In 2016, the woman who was said to be Rachel Shoaf’s wife was homeless, and her last job was as a licensed nurse practitioner in West Virginia. Aside from this, there isn’t much else known about her education, family, and career, among other things. So, why did Amy get arrested and have to go to jail? Amy was arrested and charged with credit card theft and fraud on March 12, 2016. She used Laura Asbury’s credit card to make three purchases worth $297.59.

Amy Cobb said she did it, so she was found guilty. Amy was also accused of obstructing justice, petit larceny, driving with a suspended license, and other things. Amy got out of prison on June 17, 2021, because she had served her time.

The Inside Story of the Notorious Murder Case

On the night of December 12, 2012, Rachel, Sheila, and Skylar, three of their best friends, broke out of their homes and only two of them came back. Rachel and Sheila didn’t tell anyone about their crime at first. Instead, they lied and said they had dropped Skylar off near her house that night. But as suspicions about the girls grew, Rachel admitted over a month later that she and Sheila had stabbed Skylar to death and hid her body in the Pennsylvania woods.

When asked why she killed her, Rachel said, “We just didn’t like her.” Since the three of them used to be inseparable, the confession didn’t make sense. After that, the case went in a different direction. Before the murder case, Skylar tweeted, “Just know I know,” which hinted that there was more to the story. The police then found Skylar’s journal, which showed that he had seen Rachel and Sheila talking in a private way. This information may have led to the murder, since the women may have killed Skylar to hide the fact that they were sexually involved. Sheila was sentenced to life in prison, and Rachel was sentenced to 30 years in jail for second-degree murder. No one knows why they did it. The parents of the killers who were found guilty also lost because they didn’t do a good job raising their kids.

What Are Rachel’s Parents’ Names?

While Rachel’s crime drew national notice, her parents’ identities also drew attention. Rachel Shoaf was born to Patricia Shoaf and Rusty Shoaf. Rachel comes from a middle-class household; her mother worked in communication, and her father worked in a clothes business. Patricia had long since divorced and remarried. As a result, Rachel lived with her mother and stepfather.

What happened to her?

Rachel, now 25, has been sent to West Virginia’s Lake Correctional Center in Mason County, where her friend Sheila is also incarcerated. She was incarcerated in West Virginia’s Northern Regional Juvenile Detention Center before being transferred to the maximum-security prison.

Who Killed Skylar Neese?

In September 2012, the FBI and the West Virginia State Police worked together to look for Skylar. Investigators talked to Skylar’s friend Shelia Rae Eddy to find out that the car she was last seen getting into was hers. Even though she admitted picking up the 16-year-old that night, Shelia said she dropped her off about an hour later down the street from her house. The police started to talk to Skylar’s friends and look into their lives.

In January 2013, one of Skylar’s closest friends, Rachel Shoaf, broke down and said that she and another friend, Shelia, had killed her. They all went to University High School together, and their relatives said that they were very close. Skylar and Shelia have been friends since they were 8 years old, and they met Rachel in their first year of high school. But there was an underlying tension in their relationships that led to them killing Skylar together in the end.

Rachel said that she and Shelia had been planning the murder for months and had picked Skylar to kill on July 6, 2012. They went to their usual hangout spot at the border of West Virginia and Pennsylvania and stabbed Skylar, just as they had planned. She also said that they tried to bury the body, but the soil was too hard, so they just put dirt and sticks on top of it. Rachel even showed the police where they had buried Skylar, which led to her body being found more than 6 months after she had gone missing.