Zebra blinds curtains





Are you financially uptight yet desiring to acquire a a modern Zebra Blinds at the most affordable price?

We have you in mind and desire to serve you taking into consideration your budget.

The blinds are priced per square meter (m²).

This Zebra Blind provide maximum privacy,regulate the amount of light that enters your room.

They are easy to maintain and offer myriad styles for your selection.

They are suitable for homes ,hotels and offices.

We offer timely delivery and installation of blinds within 24-48 hours.

Call us on 0244637980/0203342421

Abandon that old curtain today and furnish your space with window blinds at the best price ever.


SayYes2 curtains

GH ₵ 95

Seller Name : Budget Blinds Groceries

Location : Greater Accra,Adenta

Phone : 0244637980