White Tea Toothpaste




A modern and safe way of using charcoal to brush our teeth. Its so good for the teeth, makes the teeth white and very safe to use. 


One Toothpaste, Triple Effects
1. Fluorine Free Decay Resistance: The composite ingredients (white tea essence. CaGP & xylitol) strengthens your teeth at the root and prevent decay.

2. Deep Cleaning: The combination of TCS and soft abrasive can make your mouth clean and have fresh breath.

3. Reinforcing The Gum: Strontium chloride and composite aloe extract can make your teeth more resistance to cold, heat, acidity and sweetness.

4. Contains antioxidants and anti-carcinogenic properties.

5. Aids in the treatment of bad breath, tooth decay, bleeding gum and coloration of teeth.

This product is just more than ordinary toothpaste, it’s made from natural herbs and it helps to kill the bacteria that eats up the gum. Enough of the charcoal, we going the modern way!!

Suitable for for all ages from 2 years and above.

GH ₵ 25

Seller Name : Mr. Anyidoho Raphael

Location : Greater Accra,Mallam

Phone : 0206561968