Village Scene Statues from OUAGADOUGOU



This bronze has been achieved according to the process called " wasted wax". Indeed the achievement of a bronze starts by modelling a sculpture made in wax. Then this sculpture is moulded by applying clay. One or more openings are made for the wax to flow out and for the bronze to be cast in. Once it has become dry, it is heatened up. The wax melts and flows out through the openings. Then the melted bronze is cast and it fills the print left by the melted wax. Once the bronze is solidified and has grown cold, the mould is broken in order to extract the sculpture. Thus each item is unique. Then follows a long and delicate finishing work before finding again the bronze copy true to the initial wax sculpture

Approximate height : 22 Inches

Approximate weight : 4 pounds

GH ₵ 2,200

Seller Name : Affordable Luxury

Location : Greater Accra,Adenta

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