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This big rabbit is a male(buck). RABBIT MEAT IS VERY GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH! WHY BUY RABBIT FROM ELLOD FARMS? Order your live "healthy rabbit" to slauther yourself or By request we can slauther and package it for you neatly. Also for rearing we can coach you and give you vital guidelines for a successful farm as a begginer. Ellod farms rabbits are fed with 100% grass,leafy green vegetables and cereal origin feed.Our rabbit meat is of high quality and secure for everyones consumption such as children to old age,pregnant and breastfeeding mums. According to studies nutritionist recommends rabbit meat as one of the best meat than chicken,cow,pig among many.It taste great too. For Meat: Its an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements:?High in vitamins B3 and B12, phosphorus, potassium and selenium. It contributes to a good balance of vitamins and minerals for daily dietary requirements. A meat with an excellent balance of fatty acids?(rabbit is richer in omega 3 than chicken&pork). Its rich in protein and iron. Our whatsapp 0266150568. Delivery method can be discussed. Location:Kasoa area

GH ₵ 90

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