Quantum Shield Anti Radiation Chip


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Price Ghc 20 Do you know that, continuous exposure to Radiation has serious effect on the Human Body? Available in Wholesale & Retail Protect yourself and family from radiation by using High quality Quantum Shield / Scalar Energy Anti- Radiation Sticker. HEALTH BENEFITS OF SCALAR ENERGY SAVING STICKER TO THE HUMAN BODY.  Increases strength and vitality  Protection from electromagnetism  Enhances sexual performance  Increase the immune system  Improves general health and wellness  Reduces stress  Helps in relaxation  Better concentration and focus  Increase memory  Improves sleeping quality  Eliminates mobile phone radiation by over 90%  Protects the body and mind from Harmful Effects.  Makes you very strong Nationwide Delivery

GH ₵ 20

Seller Name : Nana Kwadwo

Location : Greater Accra,Kasoa

Phone : 0542353260