Iron Zinc Calcium Supplement




Longrich Iron Zinc Calcium Supplement 

Longrich Iron Zinc Calcium contains zinc which is an important mineral required for countless reaction and functions in the body, including proper growth and immune function, DNA Synthesis, Cell Division and Cellular Metabolism.
The tablets can be taken to supplement calcium, iron and zinc for healthcare purposes. Calcium helps to build strong bones and teeth, prevent osteoporosis and other bone diseases. 

1. Strengthens the bones and teeth
2. Lowers high blood pressure and risk of stroke
3. Essential for men after ejaculation
4. Prevents osteoporosis
5. Chew-able and suitable for the entire family

Children aged 4-10 may take one tablet twice a day by chewing. 
Aged 11 and above may take one tablet three times a day by chewing.

GH ₵ 80

Seller Name : Mr. Anyidoho Raphael

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