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Is your time spent at work equivalent to your monthly salary? Does your job allow you enough time with your family and friends? Does your job reward you for your hardwork? Will the income you are making from your current job help you achieve your dreams? Does your job entitle you to incentives like fully sponsored international trips, scholarships, cars, home funds etc. If your answer is NO to any of the above questions then GOD has answered your prayers. How would you feel, if your annual income becomes your weekly income? Longrich is offering you the opportunity to live that dream life you have always yearned for. LONGRICH BIOSCIENCE INCORPORATED owns 3% of China's entire economy and manufactures for brands like Samsung, Unilever, Adidas, Avon, Walmart, Tesco just to mention a few. We have over 2000 products ranging from family health, personal health, Dental health to many others as far as your health is concerned. We distribute our products via Multi-Level-Marketing. Only partners are allowed to access our products and avail them to the public. All you need to do is to change your brand to the Longrich brand and shake your bank account. Change your toothpaste, shampoo, sanitary pads, soap, body wash, hand cream, body cream, deodorant, mouth freshener, mosquito repellent,slimming tea, supplements, etc. to the Longrich brand and introduce the products to your family, friends and your love ones. You can partner with us with any of the following entry levels; Q-Silver = Ghs 570(Pays 8% weekly) Silver = Ghs 950(Pays 8% weekly) Gold = Ghs 1,750(Pays 10% weekly) Platinum = Ghs 7,500(Pays 12% weekly) VIP = Ghs 11,500(Pays 12% + 1% global monthly profit) We are offering you an opportunity to own a global business at zero risk, because every investment you make is given to you back in form of products at 20% discount which you can use or sell. Partner with us now. We have all been given a loaf of time and each new day shortens it by one slice. Will your loaf crumble into temporal meaninglessness or rise up with eternal value?