Energy Nano Alkaline Water Flask




Call / WhatsApp: 0542353260 No disease including Cancer can exist in Alkaline Environment. HEALTH BENEFITS OF ALKALINE WATER:  Revive Damaged Cells in the body.  Regulate the pH balance.  Reduces blood lipids and lowers blood pressure.  Regulates the gastrointestinal function.  Promoting human metabolism, and Boost immune system.  Eliminate Toxins and Acidic contents.  Protects the liver from harmful effects and acts as liver tonic.  Powerful Anti-Oxidant.  Fight Cancer Cells.  Reduce Cholesterol in the body.  It enables minerals to reach the cells.  Increases energy and digestion.  Prevents chronic diseases.  Prevent Heart Attacks.  Treat Diabetes in an early stage.  Prevent Asthma Attacks.  Improves skin tone and quality.  Improves Sleep Quality.  Help Eliminate Knee and Joint pain.  Fight Depression.  Help in Weight Loss.  Help people with Angina pectoris.  It helps the brain and Improves. concentration. Price: Ghc 270 + Free Carrying Bag. Exra Filter Ghc 60 Nationwide delivery for little fee.

GH ₵ 270

Seller Name : Nana Kwadwo

Location : Greater Accra,Kasoa

Phone : 0542353260