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We are a leading West African provider of tracking solutions and
dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services to
its customers. We supply our products to individuals and fleet
companies, and corporate bodies. Our GPS Tracking Device can be
installed discreetly. Compatibility with different models of
cars, trucks, motorbikes, etc.

TRM02 GPS vehicle tracker gives you detailed report where a vehicle is heading, where it has been, how fast it is traveling and gives you details analytics in real-time.
with this device you can:

-Live Tracking: with our platform you can monitor your vehicles live. view them as they move, stops, check mileage, fuel consumption , save past histories etc.
-Anti-Theft: you can protect your vehicle from theft and misuse
-Geo Fence: detect if a vehicle moves out of an assigned area
-S.O.S for emergency purpose
-Voice monitor: you can remotely listen to an ongoing conversation
-Cut Off Fuel Supply: with this device, you can put off the engine of the car by cutting of fuel supply to the engine
-Mobile Access: manage your fleet on the go
-Visual Replay: visual reports gives you more information about where the vehicle has been
-Monitor:monitor if your driver has been going off-course or if your teenager has been driving recklessly.
-Customer Support :We offer live support for any kind of tracking requirements and in case of emergency, we are just a call away.


NOTE: We offer free installations and deliver at your doorstep. ITS FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

GH ₵ 480

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