Prices and Types of all Hisense Fridges in Ghana

Hisense | Fridge | Price | Freezer | Double Door | Single Door | Honestly, fridges are one of the essential gadgets needed for homes, offices, shops etc. infact there are various types and shapes of fridges you can find on the market which are suitable for several purposes. Today I will list the types and prices of Hisense fridges which is one of the popular brands in Ghana.

About Hisense Fridges

Hisense is and electronic manufacturing company that manufactures several gadgets likes phones, televisions, air-conditions and fridges which we are here to talk about. The company takes the durability of its fridges very importantly. Hence, they are able to withstand the African condition and last longer.

Like many other popular fridges, Hisense fridges comes in different shapes to best suit multiple purposes. Hisense fridges are cheaper as compared to other brands even though it’s very durable.

Prices and Types of Hisense Fridges

249L Double Door with DispenserGHS 1550
215L Double door fridgeGHS 950
50L Single Door FridgeGHS 950
130L Table Top FridgeGHS 550
260L Chest FreezerGHS 1100
150L Single DoorGHS 950
150L Table Top FridgeGHS 890
440L Cross Door FridgeGHS 3500