Price of Multi Tv Decoder in Ghana

Points: Multi TV Ghana | Decoder | Strong | Combo | Cost | Prices | Dish | Satellite | Installation | More TV Stations || – In Ghana, Multi Tv has a decoder which allows it users to be able to have access to free-to-air digital television services, This means when you have the Multi Tv decoder you can watch a lot of local televisions in HD than just using normal antenna which was common in the old days.

New Multi Tv decoders can be connected to digital TVs via HDMI which really gives an HD view for users.

See some few features below

1. Full HD 1080p

2. Auto Scan

3. Support HDMI and USB (For Media and also Internet)

4. Super DVB-S2 Now to talk of the prices, it depends on the model of the decoder you would want to buy and the seller. On you find Multi Tv decoder that ranges from GHC 70 Cedis to GHC 280 Cedis.