Latest Gold Price in Ghana: 1 kilo, 1 gram, 22 karat or carat and blades

Ghana is without a doubt a wonderful destination to acquire gold as it is one of the main gold centres in Africa. Ghana has substantially cheaper gold prices than the rest of the globe. This is explained by the fact that everything you buy costs less than it does in its nation of origin, as well as the fact that Ghana’s gold has not been fully purified and does not meet the necessary standard of 100% purity.

How much does gold cost in Ghana?

The cost per kilo, gram, and blade in Ghana are listed here.

Ghana’s 1 Kilo Gold Price
1 Kilo 24k = $68,000

Ghana Gold price in Gram

Gram           Karat / Carat        Price in Cedis

Gram              24K               620.78 GHS

Gram              23K               594.91 GHS

Gram              22K               569.05 GHS

Gram              21K               543.18 GHS

Gram              18K               465.58 GHS

Gram              16K               413.85 GHS

Gram              14K               362.12 GHS

Gram              12K               310.39 GHS

Gram              10K               258.66 GHS

Gram              9K               232.79 GHS

Gram              8K               206.93 GHS

Gram              6K               155.19 GHS

What is 1 kilo of Gold?

Combining one thousand grams (1000g) of gold results in the production of one kilo of gold. Typically, this will take the form of a bar when it is created.

What is a gold karat or carat?

Normally, when gold is mined, it has some percentage of other elements mixed in with it. This means the gold is not pure yet. Gold needs to be refined to attain a higher purity than it has. Karat (American spelling), also known as carat, means how pure a gold is, and 24 karats or 24k means a gold is 100% pure. In Ghana, you would mostly find 22 karat gold, which would need to be further refined in an advanced gold refinery to obtain 24 karat gold.

Which karat or carat is best?

When your gold has a lower karat, for example, 18 karat, it means it has a lot of other elements in it and is less pure. Also, if your gold’s karat is 24 k, then it has 100% purity, which means your gold is very pure.
Every gold buyer or dealer actually aspires to have between 22 and 24 karats of gold.

Guide on Buying Gold in Ghana

There are many gold sellers in Ghana, and without a technical eye to buy gold in Ghana, you will need to be very careful to avoid being duped. Follow the steps below to purchase an original gold coin in Ghana.

Avoid purchasing on the street.

When I say, “Avoid buying on the street,” it means, “Don’t just buy from anyone.” When buying gold with huge sums of money, it’s proper to buy from reputable sellers who can take you through every process.

Perform a thorough inspection and testing.

Make sure the gold is tested in your presence, and don’t accept later pickups. When the gold is tested in your presence and proven to be genuine, it will be in your interest to acquire it from there. Trying to obtain it later without retesting will sometimes lead to being duped.

Gold mining areas in Ghana

There are a lot of gold mining areas in Ghana. From Obuase to Tarkwa, Akyempim, and many other towns, both large and small-scale gold mining are common in these areas. In fact, gold reserves are scattered everywhere in Ghana, especially in the Ashanti region, the eastern region, the western region, and some parts of the northern region.