Joycelyn Savage Bio Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Ethnicity

Joycelyn Savage is a controversial figure in the United States who was born on July 22, 1995, in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. She is an aspiring singer. According to allegations, R. Kelly used her as a sexual slave (American singer, songwriter, record producer, and former basketball player). In addition, Savage, who is 23 years old, met the artist when the singer invited her backstage at a performance where he was performing.

When we met her, she had just turned 19 years old. Later, in 2015, Kelly made the acquaintance of Joycelyn in the shop that her parents owned. In addition, Joycelyn Savage’s parents, Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage, said that the singer began guiding and advising their daughter.

Wiki Facts

Full NameJoycelyn Savage
Date of BirthJuly 22, 1995
Birth Day22nd July
Height5 feet 7 inches (1.70m)
Hair ColorBlack
FatherTimothy Savage
MotherJonjelyn Savage
SiblingsOne Sister
Age28 years
Birth PlaceAtlanta, Georgia
Birth CountryUnited States
Body Measurement34-24-35
Net Worth$1.9 million

Joycelyn Savage Bio, Age and Nationality

How old is Joycelyn Savage? Earlier, we mentioned that Joycelyn Savage was born to her parents on July 22, 1995, in Atlanta, Georgia. So, as of right now, Joycelyn Savage is 27 years old. It goes without saying that Savage is a well-known American vocalist. She rose to prominence at a relatively early age and maintained it.

She went to the local public school, according to the media. She ultimately decided to get her Bachelor’s degree from college. Here is where she initially encountered Robert Sylvester Kelly. Nonetheless, she abandoned her college studies before graduating in order to focus on her singing career with Kelly as her mentor. Let’s go deeper into the situation that has Joycelyn Savage’s name trending on Google.

Height, Weight and Body Measurement

How tall is Joycelyn Savage? Joycelyn is about 5 feet 7 inches tall and about 55kg (121 pounds). In the same way, her bra cup size is 33B and her shoe size is 7. Savage has a beautiful face, as well as dark brown eyes and black hair.

Joycelyn Savage Net Worth 2022

What is the net worth of Joycelyn Savage? As a regular user, Joycelyn Savage is quite active online. In case you were wondering, Savage does use Instagram. As of now, Joycelyn’s Instagram account features over 99,000 followers. In 2023, it is projected that Joycelyn Savage will have a net worth of $1.2 million.

Professional Life, Career & Living Style

Joycelyn’s professional journey begins with her working on her singing talents with her lover R Kelly. Joycelyn has yet to make a public debut with a song. She is, however, working on a project with R Kelly to create a smash song for her debut in the music business. When it comes to R Kelly’s career, he is one of America’s top musicians. Kelly has published several albums, including “Double Up,” “I’m Flirt Remix,” “Hot Rap Track,” and others. Kelly’s album “R” is also one of the most commercially successful albums in history.

Joycelyn Savage Boyfriend

Who is Joycelyn Savage’s Boyfriend? Joycelyn’s significant other at the time was none other than R. Kelly, an extremely famous singer. In 2015, when Kelly was 19 years old, she met Savage. Joycelyn had a major fan in Kelly. The two of them later met again in the backstage area of one of Kelly’s shows. Afterwards, Kelly started working with Savage as a vocal coach. On the other side, Joycelyn moved in with the singer after deciding to abandon her college studies in 2016. Joycelyn’s parents urged her to complete her education, but she didn’t want to. Kelly was accused by Joycelyn’s parents of brainwashing their daughter.

However, in an interview with “CBS This Morning,” Joycelyn made it plain to everyone that she feels happy and secure with Kelly. Joycelyn was also in a relationship with R Kelly at the same time Kelly was seeing Azriel Clary. Joycelyn summarized her confidence to come out with the truth about her relationship with R Kelly later in November 2019. She said on Instagram that there is something she has to disclose, which she should have discussed a long time ago. Joycelyn later claimed that R Kelly assaulted her on a regular basis. She was also an accused sex slave victim of R. Kelly.

What Happened Between Joycelyn and R. Kelly?

Joycelyn has, on several instances, spoken her opinion publicly and backed the performer. It would appear that they are continuing their relationship as a married couple. In November of 2019, a Patreon and an Instagram account were created in her name. Many postings that were written from Joy’s viewpoint claimed that she was a victim of sexual assault, and the messages were published on both platforms. The following month, however, Joy issued a statement in which she said that both the Patreon and the Instagram account were both fictitious.

“I am truly tired of all the lies that they are saying about the man we love so much and our best friend R. Kelly,” she read in a video statement to TMZ on December 4, 2019. “It has been said that I have left him, he has abused me and all kinds of nonsense. I have said before, none of it is true.” She continued, “It is a shame how they are treating him. It is so wrong on so many levels and he does not deserve this. I am not going to be a part of the assassination of R. Kelly’s name, music career and his character.”

Social Media

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