Is it true that Francesca Muffaletto and Sal Vulcano got married?

False rumors about Sal Vulcano’s sexual orientation and marital status with Francesca Muffaletto have been circulating for some time. Although he and Francesca may be in a committed relationship, they are not married. Vulcano’s romantic history, both pre- and post-fame, has likewise been concealed. He also has no prior marriage history. As for the speculation that he is gay, there is a twist to the story. And since he has never been spotted with a man, we can rule out that he is gay as well.

Is Francesca Muffaletto Married To Sal Vulcano?

While there have been no reports of Vulcano saying whether or not he is married, a Tumblr user told an interesting story about the comic.

The person said that they saw the star of “Impractical Jokers” wearing a wedding band at Vulcano’s show in Boston.

Someone in the crowd yelled something about the ring, and the comedian allegedly told the audience he was married.

Even though nothing was said about the comic’s wedding, Francesca Muffaletto, Vulcano’s wife, was named. Muffaletto’s Facebook page also has a picture of her and Vulcano at someone’s 30th birthday party in January 2017.

The photo doesn’t show Vulcano’s face, but the man in the photo has a Celtic Cross tattooed on his right wrist, which is exactly the same as Vulcano’s tattoo.

Vulcano has said in the past that he was taken. During his visit to Robert Kelly’s You Know What Dude in June 2019, Kelly said that Vulcano and his fiancee are the “sweetest” and “nicest” people he has ever met. Vulcano thanked Kelly for what she said and said something about his fiancee. He exclaimed, “She’s great!”

Even though the comedian didn’t say much about his friend, Eleonor Kerrigan, who was also on the show, said that she was “a great dancer.”

It’s not clear when Sal Vulcano and Francesca Muffaletto got married, but it’s likely that it happened on September 8, 2019.

On the Williams Sonoma website, she has a wishlist registry under her name, where she wrote that she was looking forward to an event on that date.

Francesca Muffaletto and Sal Vulcano are Not Married.

Fans and other nosy people online have been able to relate Sal Vulcano to Francesca Muffaletto, even though he has kept quiet about his personal life. The fact that they say they are both married is even more interesting. Even though the suspicion is true, there is no proof that Vulcano and Muffaletto have been married.

The rumor that Sal Vulcano is married started when he mentioned his wife in one of his Tweets. Francesca came into the picture after a Tumblr user wrote that the comedian confirmed he was married during one of his shows. The user said that someone in the audience said something about the ring, and Sal said that he was married but that he liked to keep that kind of information to himself.

He did, however, say that he and his partner had been together for eight years and that he loved her very much. In his article, he also said that Francesca Muffaletto, who was said to be Sal’s wife, was at the show that night. Online stories about Sal Vulcano’s supposed marriage are interesting, but they don’t match up.

Sal Vulcano Gay Rumor

Sal Vulcano’s own admission to being gay fueled the myth, rather than the fact that he is unmarried. During Sally Jessy’s daytime talk show, he made the remark. Following his outing as homosexual, his close friend and co-star on Impractical Jokers, James Murray, came out as gay, too. Sal recanted his previous statement after hearing James’ confession.

Sal stated he merely pretended to be homosexual to encourage James to come out as gay in front of his friends and family. The media spent a considerable amount of time on the incident. However, in 2019, James proposed to his longtime girlfriend Melyssa Davies, and everyone realized it may have been one of their insensitive pranks.