Important things to consider when buying a used car in Ghana

Deciding between a new or used car is more difficult than ever thanks to MepeCars, which have made brand new cars affordable and easy to buy. There is a certain allure to owning a new car but buying used will often cost less overall and allows you to avoid the initial period of depreciation that first owners experience – the value the car loses as soon as it’s driven away from the showroom.

At, we focus on offering advice to people thinking of buying new or used cars, We have listed cars that offer the best value for money, including some which can save buyers a lot of money as compared to buying new.

The rate at which a used car loses its value – its rate of depreciation – can vary enormously between models and it’s not always easy to predict how a car will perform in this regard.

Some cars, however excellent they might be, perform poorly on the used-car market and have to be priced accordingly to attract buyers. While that’s bad news for the people who bought those cars brand new, it can work out well for subsequent owners who make big savings as a result.

It means that buying used car can be a very cost-effective method of car ownership, and you don’t always have to forgo the latest technology. Cars tend to be face lifted or upgraded about four years into their lives, so you might be able to get a used car with the same specification as a brand-new one.

You should also check a used car much more thoroughly than a new one – make sure the mileage looks about right, check that the car has an up-to-date service history and look for any signs of damage. Preferably try to purchase from a reputable garage and get your trusted mechanic to do checks for you.

Used-car buyers have never had more choice – both in the variety of cars and the range of places you can buy a used car with confidence. Check out online sellers such as for some great deals and more used car which are for sale by reputable garages and individuals.

Some questions to ask when buying a used car.

  1. Has the car ever been in a crash?

Whether this is anything to worry about depends on the severity of the incident. Minor bumps and collisions happen all the time and – assuming the car has been repaired to a good standard – there’s no reason that it should present a problem, as long as the seller is honest.

  • Should I buy a car I have not seen and inspect physically?

Buying a car without seeing it is very unusual. If you are looking at a car advertised by a private seller or independent garage, it is strongly recommended that you inspect the car to your own satisfaction before agreeing to buy it.

  • Will I be able to drive the used car home?

You need to make sure the vehicle is roadworthy. For this to be true the car must must have a roadworthy certificate and must be free of any known issues that could cause it to break down on the trip.

If the car is found not to be roadworthy, the seller has breached the ‘sold as described’ part of the sales contract.

  • Is the seller the registered keeper?

Sometimes a car will be offered for sale privately on behalf of the owner. Exercise extreme caution in this case, as there may be questions that the seller cannot answer. There may also be legal implications if it later becomes apparent that the seller didn’t have proper authorization to sell the car from the owner.