Yvonne Nelson rubbishes Independence Day celebration, says we sold our country years ago

07 March, 2019 07:32 am

Ghana marked its 62nd Independence Day with a National celebration but according to Yvonne Nelson, it's a worthless course.

The actress in a post shared on her Instagram page mentioned that there's nothing for Ghanaians to be happy about apart from having life.

According to Ryn Roberts' mother, who is also known for how vocal she is about some National issues, she has so much to say but she'll keep it all for another.

"Happy independence day?? Are you a happy Ghanaian? So much i wanna say but maybe some other time! Theres really nothing to be happy about!? she wrote.

Yvonne also added that citizens of the country and its have all failed by selling the country some years ago.

"As for ghana, we the people and leaders fail her daily! We sold our country ages ago!" she concluded her Independence message.

See Yvonne's post below and tell us what you think. Must Ghanaians stop celebrating Independence Day until it attains a 1st world status?







Source: Pulse.com.gh

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