21 February, 2019 07:05 pm

Civil Society Mobilization Movement, a non governmental organization is planning to hit the street against USA and UK. The organization which aim and objectives is to: 1.To bring together all floating voters 2..To organized a forum for discussion of issues of particular interest to Ghanaians. 3.To organized members to protest against any wrong doings in our communities and Ghana as a whole. 4.To declare our support to any political party who may signed Agreement with our organization in terms of National Development projects,appointment of public officers, etc etc. When such political party wins power. Read the full press release on the demonstration The Civil Society Mobilization Movement is organising a nationwide peaceful demonstration, named *_Historical Demonstration Against USA and UK Embassies,_* on 22nd March, 2019 against embassies in Ghana especially, the America and United Kingdom Embassies in protest against higher visa fees and refusal to refund visa processing fee when the visa is being refused. The demonstration is in respond with earlier letter wrote to greater Accra regional Police Command dated 29th January, 2019 concerning the above subject matter. We are targeting one million demonstrators in the light of the above. We have pleasure to invite you and also to appeal for publicity and awareness creation towards the upcoming Historical demonstration on the 22nd March, 2019. The Civil Society Mobilisation Movement is a nonpartisan organisation aimed at...... A. _Organized a forum for discussion of particular interest to Ghanaians_ B. _Organized members to protest against any wrong doing in our communities and Ghana as a whole._ Should you require for further information about the sponsorship and the upcoming demonstration, please contact +233242612683 +233201404459 Signed.... Mr. Djanie Joshep Kotey (National Organizer-CSMM) Filed from Free FM newsroom, Techiman.

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