Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy finally make peace (Photo)

31 May, 2019 09:40 am

Shatta Wale has shared a photo on social media suggesting that he has finally made peace with Stonebwoy.

In the photo seen, The two musicians were seated together and from the look on their faces, there was no tension.

They have obviously had a heart to heart chat about their issues and have come to a beautiful conclusion to resolve them.

Shatta Wale called Stonebwoy his brother, while writing that there is strength in unity which opens many doors, adding that peace is freedom.

Shatta Wale completed his 'peace speech' with a love emoji, showing how much he loves his brother, Stonebwoy.

Revealing their plans together, Shatta Wale said they have a great vision for the music industry and they would work hard to take that vision to the world.

Shatta Wale wrote: "?Unity is strength .?Love is the key to many doors. ?Brotherhood is Loyalty. ?Peace is Freedom ..??My brother and I got a great vision for Ghana music and we taking it to the world ??.. @stonebwoyb ."

There have been many calls on the two by well-meaning Ghanaians to make peace.

They have finally listened to the many voices preaching peace, as the photo suggests.

The case of Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy before their peace pact is widely known by most music enthusiasts, if not all Ghanaians, therefore, it is not worthy to retell it here in this 'peace' report.


It is indeed a great moment for the industry and Ghana as a whole.


Source: Yen

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