How to sync and export media to your IPhone using ITunes

15 July, 2019 09:31 pm

Have you ever wondered how it would be to have phones that can’t perform any task aside from calls? Boring right!! That is why even our own “yam phones” have radio installed, this shows how important media/gallery is to humans…. For most of us our phones are our closest companion, that is where we hide whenever we feel lonely or neglected and it wouldn’t be exciting if there was no movie, music, pictures to be enjoyed on our phones….
Most smart phones have the gallery app installed, but the ways of exporting media to the various phones differ and IPhone is one of the phones that have a rather complicated way of exporting media (music, videos, books, etc) . This article will take you through the most known way  to export media to your iPhone.
The ITunes way
If you are a new iPhone user I believe you would be familiar with this software by now “iTunes”, it is the common software used to transfer media to an iPhone. The iTunes software can only be installed on  laptops/desktops and you can download it by logging in to
Now if you have successfully downloaded and installed  ITunes, then make sure you have a good iPhone cord because we are about to go through the steps in which you can successfully export music to your IPhone and enjoy every moment with it…
STEP ONE: plug in your iPhone code
STEP TWO: click on the phone icon that will appear on the software
STEP THREE: Select the category you want to export from eg. Music
STEP FOUR: Select either Add file to library (for exporting a single file) or Add folder to library (for exporting the whole folder)
STEP FIVE: Select the file you want to export then click on open
STEP SIX: click on the sync column then tick the file you want to export then click on Apply.
STEP SEVEN: wait till it completes syncing then click on the done button.
If you are able to go through these steps successfully, then you are ready to enjoy all the media you want on your phone.

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