How To Browse Faster And Safer With Firefox

17 April, 2019 05:14 pm


1. You are being tracked

2. See who is tracking you

3. Is your browser safe?

4. What does Firefox Quantum offer?


The internet has indeed made life simpler. We use it to find all kinds of information, for staying connected with friends and families, making online transactions and a lot more. You can’t avoid being online. While you continue using the internet, you are likely being tracked without even knowing it. Talking about the recent news on privacy, you’ve probably heard about the recent Facebook data breach. A data analytics firm, Cambridge Analytics extracted personal data for over 50 million Facebook users. The topic is in discussion with several authorities, doubting the security and privacy Facebook offers. As a concern, there are discussions if people should just stop using Facebook. Facebook isn’t the only one tracking you. So, should you be worried about it? Wondering who is tracking you and why would someone wants to track you. Read on to know how your information is being used and how you could stop it.


You are being tracked

On some websites, you might have seen a web browser popup asking you to share your location. Some display a message telling you that the web site you’re visiting, uses cookies. We usually press the "Allow" button so we don’t see it again. Besides this, you must have seen several advertisements or popups that display your name on it. Ever wondered how your name and photo gets displayed on a website that you’ve never signed into, or allowed? Most businesses and research firms use identities to understand their targeted audience to carry out research. Some of these businesses may want to know your browsing habits, total time spent on sites, browsing what specific content, etc. However, there are different ways to gather information from people. One of the most effective ways is making use of cookies. These contain small pieces of information that are set on your browser.



See who is tracking you

You can check out a web site called Trackography on your web browser and see which companies are transferring your data to which companies. If you click on one of the companies mentioned, you get to know about their privacy policies as well. To start, you need to first select your country and the media you read content from.

If you use Firefox, there’s an add-on called Lightbeam. This lets you see trackers that are present on the same website you are currently visiting. It also gives you the details about a company that has seen you on two different web sites.


Is your browser safe?

All major web browsers like Chrome and Firefox are slowly developing their security and privacy features. Very few people know about private browsing. This feature doesn't save your browsing history or save cookies either. Chrome lets you browse privately using its Incognito mode, while Firefox calls it Private Browsing mode. Chrome is a popular browser and is used by majority of people today. It has already captured the desktop and mobile market share, leaving behind Firefox. Mozilla is now fight back with the introduction of Firefox Quantum. The newer versions of Firefox are much faster, more secure and are very customizable. Mozilla, the team behind Firefox also have a clear agenda of disabling access to trackers and permissions that let sites access your information and browser.



What does Firefox Quantum offer?

The very first thing you notice when you open the Firefox browser is the new logo. The new UI is simple, more colourful and looks a lot livelier with icons neatly designed. Two years back, Firefox had launched tracking protection in their private browsing mode. This helped people browse safely without worrying about ads or data being tracked.

In addition to it, Firefox found that websites load faster when there are no trackers set to it. This is the reason they now allow users to enable tracking protection feature whenever they want. So, when you load any websites, it stops it from asking you for permissions related to notifications, access to camera, location or any other related data. Besides being more secure, Firefox Quantum helps render heavy images more efficiently. Company tested it by running a heavy JavaScript benchmark, which offered the improved frame rate of 30 percent.

One of the other interesting things about Firefox Quantum is syncing between devices. Firefox lets you import your browsing history, save passwords, bookmarks from the browser installed on your PC, laptop and phone easily. With several important customization options like add-ons, customized skins, unified address bar and one tap erase data.

Firefox is now offering a good experience to its users. We would likely say that it’s worth a look if you are really looking for a change in your web browsing experience.




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