8 reasons why marrying a nurse is a blessing

11 April, 2019 12:03 pm

There has been a huge debate on social media about why sometimes, marrying a nurse could be a wrong or right idea.

The debate was ignited by an earlier report  in which some nurses were bitterly complaining about not receiving proposals from men. According to these nurses, Ghanaian men do not approach to propose marriage to them.

They decried the situation because they say they were not growing any younger. Most people who took part in the discussion Facebook lambasted the nurses and gave various reasons why marrying one is a bad move. Some claimed the nurses do not respect, are arrogant, pompous, while others believe they are cheats. However, one man married to a nurse has given some reasons why men who are not married to nurses may be losing out.


1.Good cook: According the man who spoke with YEN.com.gh on condition of anonymity, his wife, a nurse, is a very good cook. He explained that most Ghanaian nurses are good cooks because that is part of the many skills they acquire in line with the profession. He also said he went ahead to marry his wife despite the many misconceptions going around. And now that he is happily married to his wife, adding that her cooking skill makes him love her more.


2.Noble profession: Nursing is also said to be an enviable profession that many are denied the privilege to have. Therefore, men who are married to nurses feel proud to have one.

3.Good in bed: The man also revealed that his wife’s versatility in bed is one important thing that cements their marriage. According to him, the first time he had intimacy with his wife, his whole perception about nurses changed and he could not wait any longer but marry her to become his only.

4.Supportive: Nurses are also said to be very supportive in several ways. This is mainly because they often get jobs as soon as they complete school. Supporting the home with their earning also means that their husbands are not left with the sole duty of caring for the home, thereby, lifting a huge financial burden off the man’s shoulder. The man believes that unlike other ladies who depend entirely on their husbands, nurses earn a living for themselves.

5.Good home managers: The man also believes that given the training the nurses go through in school, they turn out to become good home makers. The training, he said, makes the nurses the best wife material. “My wife is great when it comes to keeping the kitchen, she watches well and her bed-laying skills are just unmatched,” he added.

6.Neat: Nurses are also said to be very neat given the training they go through, and also the environment in which they work. The man revealed that his wife is very neat and this is reflected in how she keeps their home. Her personal hygiene is one thing he also admires about her.

7.Caregivers at home: Nurses are also said to be compassionate, love people especially children, making them the best when it comes to care giving. They are said to always ensure that things were in place. According to the man, though his wife, just like any human, has her own flaws, her care giving spirit is unmatched.

8.First aid at home: Imagine being in a critical health condition and desperately need someone to take care of you. Any man married to a nurse enjoys these services and even more. To this man, he would marry his wife again and again even in his next life.




Source: Yen.com.gh

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