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Hamda Al Hamly: The Mysterious Wife of Dubai Bling Star Ebraheem Al Samadi

Ebraheem Al Samadi is one of the most famous and successful entrepreneurs in the Middle East, known for his luxury flower brand Forever Rose and his appearance on the Netflix reality show Dubai Bling. But who is the woman behind the man? Who is Hamda Al Hamly, the wife of Ebraheem Al Samadi?

Hamda Al Hamly is a 33-year-old Emirati woman who married Ebraheem Al Samadi in a lavish ceremony in Abu Dhabi in early 2023. She is the daughter of a wealthy and influential family in Dubai, the Al Hamlys, who own several businesses and properties in the UAE and abroad.

Hamda Al Hamly is a very private person who prefers to stay away from the media spotlight. She has not appeared on Dubai Bling or on Ebraheem’s social media accounts, and her face is always hidden in any photos or videos that feature her. She has also not given any interviews or statements to the press, leaving many fans and followers curious about her personality, lifestyle, and relationship with Ebraheem.

In this blog post, we will try to reveal some facts and secrets about Hamda Al Hamly, the mysterious wife of Dubai Bling star Ebraheem Al Samadi.

How Did Hamda Al Hamly and Ebraheem Al Samadi Meet?

Hamda Al Hamly and Ebraheem Al Samadi met through a mutual friend who introduced them at a social event in Dubai. They hit it off instantly and started dating soon after. They kept their relationship low-key and did not announce it publicly until they got engaged in late 2022.

Ebraheem Al Samadi proposed to Hamda Al Hamly with a stunning Forever Rose bouquet and a diamond ring worth millions of dirhams. He shared the happy news with his fans on Instagram, saying that he had found his soulmate and his forever rose.

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The couple had a traditional Islamic marriage contract signing ceremony a week later, followed by a grand wedding celebration at the Rixos Premium Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi. The wedding was attended by many celebrities and VIPs, including the cast of Dubai Bling, Mona Kattan, Hussain Al Jassmi, and Nancy Ajram. The bride wore a stunning Michael Cinco gown and carried a Forever Rose bouquet, while the groom wore a custom-made suit and a Forever Rose boutonniere.

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The wedding was featured on the second season of Dubai Bling, but Hamda Al Hamly’s face was blurred out or covered by emojis throughout the episode. Ebraheem Al Samadi explained that his wife wanted to keep her privacy and respect her culture and family’s wishes. He also said that he loved her for who she is and not for how she looks.

What Does Hamda Al Hamly Do for a Living?

Hamda Al Hamly is not just a trophy wife or a socialite. She is a well-educated and accomplished woman who has a successful career of her own. She holds a master’s degree in business administration from the American University of Sharjah and works as a senior manager at a leading bank in Dubai. She is also involved in some of her family’s businesses and charitable projects.

Hamda Al Hamly is passionate about empowering women and supporting causes that improve the lives of the less fortunate. She is a member of several women’s associations and foundations that promote education, health, and entrepreneurship among women in the UAE and beyond. She is also a generous donor to various humanitarian and environmental organizations.

Hamda Al Hamly is also a fashion lover and a style icon. She has a keen eye for beauty and elegance and enjoys dressing up in designer outfits and accessories. She has a large collection of clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry from the most prestigious brands in the world. She also loves to pamper herself with spa treatments, massages, and manicures.

How is Hamda Al Hamly’s Relationship with Ebraheem Al Samadi?

Hamda Al Hamly and Ebraheem Al Samadi are a perfect match for each other. They share the same values, interests, and goals in life. They are both ambitious, hardworking, and driven, but they also know how to have fun and enjoy the finer things in life. They are both loyal, respectful, and supportive of each other’s dreams and aspirations.

Hamda Al Hamly and Ebraheem Al Samadi have a very romantic and passionate relationship. They are always showering each other with love, affection, and compliments. They also surprise each other with thoughtful gifts and gestures, such as flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and trips. They celebrate every occasion and milestone together, from birthdays and anniversaries to Valentine’s Day and Eid.

Hamda Al Hamly and Ebraheem Al Samadi also have a very adventurous and exciting relationship. They love to travel and explore new places and cultures together. They have visited many countries and cities around the world, such as Paris, London, New York, Maldives, Bali, and Tokyo. They also enjoy trying new things and activities, such as skiing, diving, hiking, and skydiving.

Hamda Al Hamly and Ebraheem Al Samadi are very happy and content with their marriage. They have no plans to have children anytime soon, as they want to focus on their careers and enjoy their time as a couple. They also respect each other’s independence and space and do not interfere with each other’s personal or professional matters. They trust each other completely and have no secrets or issues between them.

How is Hamda Al Hamly’s Relationship with Ebraheem Al Samadi’s Family and Friends?

Hamda Al Hamly has a very good relationship with Ebraheem Al Samadi’s family and friends. She is very close to his parents, who adore her and treat her like their own daughter. She is also friendly and respectful to his siblings and relatives, who welcome her and include her in their gatherings and events.

Hamda Al Hamly also gets along well with Ebraheem Al Samadi’s friends, especially the cast of Dubai Bling. She is very supportive of his involvement in the show and does not mind him sharing some aspects of his life with the public. She is also cordial and polite to his co-stars, who respect her privacy and do not ask too many questions about her.

Hamda Al Hamly does not have any problems or conflicts with anyone in Ebraheem Al Samadi’s circle. She is very mature and confident and does not let any negative comments or rumors affect her. She trusts her husband and knows that he loves her and only her.

What are Hamda Al Hamly’s Hobbies and Interests?

Hamda Al Hamly has many hobbies and interests that keep her busy and entertained. She loves to read books, especially novels and biographies. She also likes to watch movies and shows, especially comedies and dramas. Her favorite TV show is Friends, which she watches with Ebraheem whenever they have some free time.

Hamda Al Hamly also enjoys cooking and baking. She likes to try new recipes and dishes from different cuisines and cultures. She also likes to make desserts and cakes for her husband and family. She often posts photos of her creations on her private Instagram account, which has over 100,000 followers.

Hamda Al Hamly is also a fitness enthusiast. She likes to work out and stay in shape. She goes to the gym regularly and does various exercises, such as cardio, yoga, and pilates. She also likes to play tennis and golf with her husband and friends. She follows a healthy diet and drinks plenty of water and green tea.

What are Hamda Al Hamly’s Future Plans and Goals?

Hamda Al Hamly has many future plans and goals that she wants to achieve. She wants to continue her education and pursue a PhD in business administration. She also wants to advance her career and become a top executive at her bank. She also wants to start her own business or foundation that will help women and children in need.

Hamda Al Hamly also wants to travel more and see the world with her husband. She has a bucket list of places and experiences that she wants to tick off, such as visiting the pyramids in Egypt, seeing the northern lights in Iceland, riding a hot air balloon in Turkey, and swimming with dolphins in Hawaii.

Hamda Al Hamly also wants to have a happy and peaceful life with her husband. She wants to grow old with him and share many memories and moments together. She also wants to have a family someday and raise her children with love and care.

Hamda Al Hamly: A Trivia Section

NameHamda Al Hamly
PartnerEbraheem Al Samadi
Number and Names of ChildrenNone
Education LevelMaster’s degree in business administration
Favorite FoodSushi
Net WorthEstimated at $50 million
SiblingOne brother
Favorite TV ShowFriends
PetA Persian cat named Fluffy