Golf Advice and Tips for Newbies and More Experienced Players

Whether you are a beginner or a highly experienced golfer, you need to find ways to improve your skills over time. As is with any other game, the most important thing you need is to learn tactics that will improve how you play on the field. Thankfully, regular and consistent practice, together with the right tips, can propel you to the next level. 

In this article, we share valuable golf tips you can consider. These tips apply both to beginners and highly experienced golfers. It doesn’t matter what kind of golf clubs or courses you have access to when playing. You only need to know the most important things to do. Without further ado, here we go:

Advice for Beginners 

If you would like to start playing golf, you have probably seen its advantages beginning with how it helps you exercise, sharpen your mind, and the social distancing aspect. So, where do you begin as a new player? Do you go for lessons or get someone to train you? Most importantly, what golf tips can help you learn fast and enjoy the game? Here are tips that can help you as a beginner: 

  1. Find a Trainer and Acquire the Right Golf Shoes Plus Other Gear 

As a beginner, you need a trainer or coach to guide you and identify places with the best golf course for beginners like you. Further, you need to get the right gear for golf. You will require some good golf shoes if you want to enjoy playing. Good ones are those designed for the game. That means you need to know the features and general make to acquire the right ones. 

To stop you from slipping when playing, golf shoes have spikes that provide a good grip between the sole and the ground as you swing while playing. But that is not all. Their unique design allows them to twist and flex across the sole to allow your feet to remain in contact with the ground as you swing. 

In addition to having the best golf shoes, you also need some other essential gear as a beginner, including the following:

  • A reasonable number of golf tees
  • Comfortable golf gloves
  • A set of golf clubs
  • Golf balls 
  1. Learn the Basics of Playing and Practice Consistently 

Depending on your interests, you can learn golf either by attending lessons or getting a coach to guide your steps as a beginner. Once you choose the best option, the next big thing is to choose a good place that will help you, not only learn faster, but also enjoy the game. You can play:

  • A 9-hole pitch
  • 18-hole course 
  • Driving ranges 

As a beginner, the best options regarding where to play would either be at a 9-hole pitch or a driving range. You can then transition to other courses later as you acquire more skills and learn the ropes. With the help of your trainer or coach, focus on the best practices, so you train to be a golfer who plays and scores. To do so, you need to focus on specific skills such as:

  • How to get the ball up;
  • How to direct the ball in the right direction;
  • How to control how far the ball goes;
  • How to generate more club speed;
  • How to swing a golf club correctly?

If you can get the above basics right from your early days, you are heading in the right direction. Some of these basics are obviously strange, but you can learn and master them gradually. You should be consistent if you want to move fast and enjoy the game. 

  1. Learn the Art of Building a Great Golf Swing from the Start and Improve It Over Time 

One of the greatest skills that will help you as a beginner is the art of swinging correctly when hitting a golf ball. At the beginning of your journey as an upcoming golfer, it might be a little hard. With proper guidance, you can build the skill. For your information, one of the determining factors in winning a golf game is your golf swing. Here are suggestions you can consider to build a great golf swing:

  • Focus on a smooth tempo when striking 
  • Learn to hit down on the iron shots instead of up in the air
  • Learn to hold your finish until the golf ball lands 

If you can master the above three, you will build your swing tactics, a vital aspect in advancing your skills as a golfer. So, each time you are in the field, keep in mind, and with time, you will find it coming automatically. Don’t ignore even if doing some of these things proves a little challenging. With consistent practice, you will find it easy. 

Advice of More Advanced Golfers 

If you are an avid player of golf, you need to have a strategy for improving your skills to help you remain good in the game. You need to practice and acquire helpful tips as well. Here are five suggestions for you:

  1. Master the Art of Club Selection  

The way you select your club plays a vital role in your game play. For instance, some players think choosing the driver is the best option off the tee. For an advanced golfer, it is advisable that you strive to become a better driver with your 3 wood since it curves less too short and in the right direction. 

Further, as part of your club strategy, you should have a plan for every hole in the course you play. To do so, you might have to do some research before making your way to the course. In your research, check the layout and tee length. If you can do that, you will enjoy your game. 

  1. Strive to Improve Your Club Speed Over Time 

You need to move fast and train to generate more club speed if you want to add to your advanced golf skills. But what strategies can you use to improve speed? Most golf trainers recommend that you set time for workout sessions focusing specifically on speed. 

With consistency and using the best speed sticks, it is possible to prepare your mind and body to handle high-speed movements. It, however, takes dedication and special training to achieve high speeds that will define your advanced golf skills. 

  1. Learn How To Choose and Play Using the Correct Tees

Playing the wrong tees is a common mistake even among the most advanced golfers. When you make such a mistake, you not only make playing in your course challenging, but you can also inconvenience those behind you. While the problem often arises unintentionally, you can improve on that and perfect the art of playing the game with the correct tees. 

Different golf experts and trainers recommend various tactics to help you avoid the problem of wrong tees. For instance, one of the tactics that great golfers use is multiplying by 36 your 5 iron carry distance. Doing so gives you a clue on the total yardage where you can play your game comfortably without any challenges or holding up those behind you in the game. 

  1. Give Priority To Long Games and Scoring Clubs

As an advanced golf player, you already know the most important clubs in scoring. The driver, putter, and wedge. If you prioritize your long game strategy, you will be able to drive the ball on up to 14 holes out of the 18 on your course. Further, mastering how to handle the scoring clubs will help you get your placement and distance correct. 

Note that for long games, you need to master how to hit the ball off the ground and drive it skillfully off a tee. You also need to sharpen your skills on other factors, including the approach angle and clubhead speed. All these are essential as you work on your long game. 

  1. Work on Your Short Game Weaknesses

You cannot be an avid golf player if you are good only in long games. Short games are also vital, and you need to perfect the art of playing them. When playing, your short games comprise up to seventy percent of all the strokes you will make in a single round of golf. It includes the following: 

  • Greenside bunker shots
  • Chipping 
  • Pitching 
  • All wedge play
  • Putting 

To correctly analyze your short game and identify any weaknesses, you need to be keen on a few aspects. Precisely, check your up and down percentages, proximity to the hole on your first putt, your sand saves, and total putts. With the knowledge of your weaknesses in these areas, you can go ahead to come up with practices for improving your short game as a golfer. 


Generally, golf is an enjoyable game if you can master it. Starting to play is exciting, but developing the right skills to help you become an avid player can be overwhelming if you do not know how to go about it. Thankfully, you can improve tremendously from round to round with the right tips and advice.

This article has shared golf tips and advice for beginners and experienced players. Get the right tools, equip for the best golf accessories, a nice place to play, and apply the tips shared to help you become a better golfer. With passion and consistent practice, nothing is impossible. All the best!