Franko Phones Price List for iPhone, Samsung, Tecno, Nokia, Huawei, LG, Google Pixel, and itel

Franko Phones Price list, iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Itel, Tecno, Motorola

A range of electronic brands are available at the Ghanaian electronics store Franko Trading. everything from phones, computers, accessories, televisions, refrigerators, and air conditioners. A warranty can be offered to customers who buy products from their shop because it has strategically positioned itself to sell only brand-new items to them. In fact, a lot of people have been drawn to Franko Trading by this action. It is in your best interests to buy your phone from Franko Trading because it is a prudent choice. We’ll go into more detail about the reasoning behind this suggestion below, but first, let’s have a look at the costs of the phones available for purchase at Franko.

Phone Prices at Franko Trading

Phone Brands and ModelsSpecificationsPrice in cedis
Apple iPhone 1164 GB7,000
Apple iPhone 14 pro128 GB18,000
Apple iPhone 14 pro256 GB19,000
Apple iPhone 14 pro max256 GB21,000
Alcatel 1t7 (4g) 9013t660
Alcatel 5002d (1b)600
Huawei Nova Y70128gb storage + 4gb RAM1,900
Huawei Nova 9 SE128gb storage + 8gb RAM3,000
Huawei matepad t832gb storage + 2gb RAM1,535
Infinix hot 20i64gb storage + 3gb RAM1,310
Infinix hot 20i64gb storage + 2gb RAM1,163
Infinix zero 20256gb storage + 8gb RAM3,391
Infinix Zero Ultra (X6820)256gb storage + 8gb RAM6,148
Infinix note 12 pro 5g (x671b)128gb storage + 8gb RAM3,000
Infinix Hot 12i64gb storage + 2gb RAM1,191
Infinix Note 12i128gb storage + 4gb RAM1,921
Infinix note 12128gb storage + 8gb RAM2,556
Infinix Hot 12i64gb storage + 4gb RAM1,372
Infinix Note 12 Vip 4G256gb storage + 8gb RAM3,822
Infinix hot 12 play x6816128gb storage + 4gb RAM1,593
Infinix Hot 12 Play (X6816)64gb storage + 4gb RAM1,447
Infinix Note 12 4G128gb storage + 4gb RAM2,209
Infinix hot 12 4G128gb storage + 4gb RAM1,854
Infinix smart 6 4G32gb storage + 2gb RAM1,071
Infinix Hot 12i64gb storage + 3gb RAM1,298
Infinix Smart 6 Plus 4G32gb storage + 2gb RAM1,024
Infinix Smart 6 3G32gb storage + 2gb RAM988
Infinix Zero 5g (X6815)128gb storage + 8gb RAM4,054
Infinix Zero X Pro 4G256gb storage + 8gb RAM4,200
Infinix Note 11 4G128gb storage + 4gb RAM2,300
Infinix Hot 11128gb storage + 4gb RAM1,882
Infinix Zero X 4G128gb storage + 8gb RAM3,340
Itel 216389
Itel A58 Lite32gb storage + 2gb RAM856
Itel A58 Lite16gb storage + 1gb RAM816
Itel S1864gb storage + 2gb RAM1,153
Itel P17 pro 4G32gb storage + 2gb RAM1,068
Itel p3832gb storage + 2gb RAM1,208
Itel P17 pro32gb storage + 2gb RAM905
Itel P1716gb storage + 1gb RAM608
Itel A58 pro32gb storage + 2gb RAM975
Itel A5816gb storage + 1gb RAM753
Itel A3332gb storage + 1gb RAM579
Itel S17 16gb storage + 1gb RAM975
Itel prime tab 132gb storage + 1gb RAM1,000
Itel A148gb storage + 1gb RAM467
Itel A168gb storage + 1gb RAM546
Itel 2173199
Itel 5606136
Itel 5081158
Itel 5626216
Itel 5615174
Nokia 105 Dual125
Nokia C2132gb storage + 2gb RAM1,020
Nokia G2164gb storage + 4gb RAM1,575
Nokia G1032gb storage + 3gb RAM1,260
Nokia C1 2E16gb storage + 1gb RAM590
Nokia T2064gb storage + 4gb RAM1,750
Nokia 210325
Nokia G1064gb storage + 4gb RAM1,370
Nokia 6310450
Nokia C3064gb storage + 3gb RAM1,250
Nokia G20128gb storage + 4gb RAM1,640
Nokia C2016gb storage + 2gb RAM940
Nokia 150300
Nokia 5310370
Nokia 110170
Samsung Galaxy A045 (A04)64gb storage + 4gb RAM1,565
Samsung Galaxy A045 (A04)32gb storage + 3gb RAM1,365
Samsung Galaxy A042 (A04E)64gb storage + 3gb RAM1,290
Samsung Galaxy A042 (A04E)32gb storage + 3gb RAM1,150
Samsung Tab S8 Ultra (X906)256gb storage + 12gb RAM14,300
Samsung A047 (A04S)64gb storage + 4gb RAM1,655
Samsung A047 (A04S)32gb storage + 3gb RAM1,510
Samsung A047 (A04S)128gb storage + 4gb RAM1,890
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite64gb storage + 4gb RAM2,200
Samsung Galaxy Z fold 4256gb storage + 12gb RAM19,300
Samsung Galaxy Z fold 4512gb storage + 12gb RAM20,660
Samsung Galaxy Z flip 4256gb storage + 8gb RAM11,400
Samsung Galaxy A03S64gb storage + 4gb RAM1,600
Samsung Galaxy A03S32gb storage + 3gb RAM1,400
Samsung Galaxy A13128gb storage + 4gb RAM2,200
Samsung Galaxy A1364gb storage + 4gb RAM2,100
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (S908E)512gb storage + 12gb RAM16,300
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (S908E)256gb storage + 12gb RAM15,200
Samsung Galaxy A0364gb storage + 4gb RAM1,500
Samsung Galaxy A0332gb storage + 3gb RAM1,300
Samsung Galaxy A03 Core32gb storage + 2gb RAM1,192
Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (X205)32gb storage + 3gb RAM3,000
Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (X205)64gb storage + 4gb RAM3,400
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite32gb storage + 3gb RAM2,000
Tecno Spark 9 pro sport edition128gb storage + 4gb RAM2,079
Tecno Spark 964gb storage + 4gb RAM1,500
Tecno Spark 9T64gb storage + 4gb RAM1,669
Tecno Spark 8C64gb storage + 2gb RAM1,213
Tecno Spark 8C64gb storage + 3gb RAM1,486
Tecno Spark 8P64gb storage + 4gb RAM1,500
Tecno Camon 19 pro256gb storage + 8gb RAM3,430
Tecno Camon 19128gb storage + 6gb RAM2,290
Tecno Camon 18128gb storage + 4gb RAM2,302
Tecno Camon 18P128gb storage + 8gb RAM2,544
Tecno Camon 18i128gb storage + 4gb RAM2,084
Tecno Camon 17 pro256gb storage + 8gb RAM3,279
Tecno POP 6 pro32gb storage + 2gb RAM1,197
Tecno POP 6 Go32gb storage + 2gb RAM1,000
Tecno POP 5 pro32gb storage + 2gb RAM1,000
Tecno POP 5P32gb storage + 2gb RAM1,100
Tecno POP 5 Go16gb storage + 1gb RAM675
Tecno Pova neo64gb storage + 4gb RAM1,600
Tecno T475252
Tecno T529295
Tecno T485329
Tecno T402229
Tecno T313188
Tecno T372215
Tecno T301167
Tecno T454238
Tecno T528254
TCL 30SE64gb storage + 4gb RAM1,450
TCL 30SE128gb storage + 4gb RAM1,650

Location of Franko Trading Shops

Franko shops are distributed in several parts of the country. I have put together the locations of their shops in each region of Ghana.

Franko Shops in Greater Accra

BranchLocationWorking Days and Hours
Franko Trading AdabrakaKwame Nkrumah Ave
Between Roxy bus top and NCR Ghana Limited
Monday – Saturday | 8:30 am – 7:00pm
FRANKO TRADING ENTERPRISE LAPAZLapaz adjacent Tecno Mobile and opposite
Stanbic Bank
Monday – Saturday | 8:00 am – 7:00pm
Franko Trading HaatsoAccra HaatsoMonday – Saturday | 8:00 am – 7:00pm
Franko Trading Circle1st Floor, 2nd Shop After Freddies Corner,
Odo Rise, Circle, New Town Rd, Accra
Monday – Saturday | 8:00 am – 7:00pm