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Dallas Yocum: The Mysterious Wife of the My Pillow Guy

Dallas Yocum is an American businesswoman who gained fame and infamy for her short-lived marriage to Mike Lindell, the controversial entrepreneur and political activist behind My Pillow. Their wedding in 2013 made headlines, but so did their divorce, which happened only two weeks later. Since then, Dallas has kept a low profile and avoided the media spotlight, leaving many questions unanswered about her life and motives. Who is Dallas Yocum, and what is her story? Here are some facts and details that you may not know about her.

Early Life and Education

Dallas Yocum was born in December 1980 in the United States of America. She is 41 years old as of 2021. She grew up in Arizona and is the daughter of a United States Navy mechanic named Dale Farmer. Her father was a war veteran and worked aboard U.S. Bon Homme. Her grandfather was also a war veteran and served in World War II. There is not much information about her mother, but it is known that she lives in Arizona. Dallas’ father passed away in 2011 at the age of 68. He lived in Bullhead City, Arizona, for thirty years.

Dallas attended school in New York and later enrolled in a university where she completed her studies in Business Management. She was interested in entrepreneurship and marketing and wanted to pursue a career in the corporate world.

Career and Achievements

Dallas started working at the Riverdale Casino in Minnesota, where she met Mike Lindell, who was a regular customer there. Lindell was the founder and creator of My Pillow, a pillow filled with pieces of shredded foam that interlock. He was also a recovering addict who had struggled with cocaine and gambling problems in the past. He claimed that he achieved sobriety through prayer in 2009.

Dallas was impressed by Lindell’s story and his success in the pillow industry. She joined his company as the director of customer service and helped him grow his business. She also became his girlfriend and supported him in his personal and professional endeavors.

Dallas appeared in some of Lindell’s infomercials and commercials for My Pillow, where she praised the product and its benefits. She also accompanied him to various events and functions, where they posed as a happy couple. She was seen as Lindell’s partner and confidante, and many people admired their relationship.

Marriage and Divorce

Dallas and Lindell decided to tie the knot in 2013, after dating for two years. They had a lavish wedding ceremony on June 8, 2013, at the Lake Elmo Inn Event Center in Minnesota. The wedding was attended by hundreds of guests, including Lindell’s four children from his previous marriage to Karen Dickey. Dallas wore a white gown and a veil, while Lindell wore a black suit and a tie. They exchanged vows and rings and kissed in front of the crowd. They looked like a perfect match and a happy couple.

However, their marriage was short-lived and ended in a shocking divorce. According to Lindell, Dallas told him that she did not love him and never loved him, only one month after their wedding. She also said that he was boring, that they had nothing in common, and that he had ruined the last two years of her life. She then left him and moved out of their house with her brother. She took her wedding ring, expensive jewelry, and money that she had earned from working at My Pillow. Lindell was devastated and blindsided by her betrayal. He filed for divorce and accused her of cheating and nearly killing him. He also claimed that she had been part of a scam to take his money and ruin his reputation.

Lindell later learned from some of Dallas’ friends that she had never loved him and that she had married him for his wealth and fame. He also realized that she had never looked happy in their photos together. He said that he had forgiven her, but he still felt hurt and betrayed by her actions. He said that he had lost everything, every dime, because of her.

Current Status and Net Worth

Dallas has not been seen or heard from since her divorce from Lindell. She has kept a low profile and avoided the media attention. She has not given any interviews or statements about her marriage and divorce. She has also not been active on social media or any other platforms. It is not clear where she lives, what she does, or if she has remarried or has any children.

Dallas’ net worth is also unknown, but it is estimated that she received a substantial amount of money from her divorce settlement. She also had a prenuptial agreement with Lindell, which protected her assets and income. She may have also invested some of her money in other businesses or ventures.


Here are some trivia facts about Dallas Yocum:

NameDallas Yocum
HeightApproximately 5ft 6 inches (1.67m)
PartnerEx-wife of Mike Lindell
EducationBachelor’s degree in Business Management
Favorite FoodUnknown
Net WorthUnknown
SiblingOne brother
Favorite TV ShowUnknown


Dallas Yocum is an enigmatic figure who rose to fame and infamy for her short-lived marriage to Mike Lindell, the founder and CEO of My Pillow. She was once his girlfriend, employee, and partner, but she later became his enemy, ex-wife, and accuser. She left him after two