Charleston White Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Wiki, Wife, Kids

Charleston White, who was born in 1970 and lives in Texas, is a well-known American YouTuber, motivational speaker, social media influencer, media personality, and content creator. In fact, this talented guy is known for the unique videos he posts on YouTube. Also, his YouTube channel, The Real Charleston White, has over 123k subscribers.

Charleston is also a speaker who tries to get people to change their minds. But reports in the news say that Charleston has a criminal past. In fact, he had been accused of murder and spent a few years in prison. But after that happened, he changed his ways and started being a good person. He is also a well-known YouTuber and motivational speaker at the moment.

He is also the founder and CEO of a group for young people called Hyped about HYPE, Helping Young People Excel. You can read this article if you want to know more about Charleston White’s life. Let us find out!


Real Name: Charleston White
Age: 53 Years Old
Birthdate: 1970
Birthplace : Texas, United States.
Current Residence: Fort Worth, Texas, United States.
Net Worth: $1.5 million
Ethnicity: Mixed
Nationality: American
Weight: 70 kg
Height in: 5ft 8in

Charleston White Wiki

Who is Charleston White? He has a lot of followers on social media and on YouTube. He is also the founder and chief executive officer of Hyped about HYPE Youth Outreach. Helping Young People Excel, which is what HYPE stands for, is what his LinkedIn profile says. He has also done a lot of interviews and podcasts in which he talks about how he became successful. White has been in trouble with the law in the past.

But now he is well-known and has a lot of social media followers because of it. He also gives talks to get people excited about something. In July 2022, it was said that Charleston had beaten Soulja Boy. This caused a lot of trouble in the news. From what I’ve heard, this controversy is turning into a conflict. Also, Charleston has worked with a lot of well-known rappers and singers.

Charleston White Height and Weight

He has a height of 5 feet 8 inches. He is about 70 kg in weight. We don’t know his chest-waist-hip measurements, dress size, shoe size, biceps, or anything else about him.

Charleston White’s Net Worth

What is the net worth of Charleston White? Charleston’s web business gives him a good income. Besides that, he made his own line of clothes. He also keeps up a website for his clothing business. As of January 2023, it is thought that Charleston White has a net worth of about $1.5 million.

Charleston White Wife and Marriage

Who is the wife of Charleston White? When it comes to his love life, Charleston is already married. He and his family are having a great time in Texas right now. His LinkedIn page says that Charleston is happy to be the father of two children. He does not, however, say who his wife or kids are on social media. On his Facebook page, he also put up some pictures of himself with his child.

Why was Charleston White arrested?

Charleston White had a hard childhood, and he was already involved in crime in Texas when he was young. The report said that when Charleston White was 14, he and three of his friends broke into a Foot Locker store and stole athletic jackets. When they were caught, they shot a person who tried to stop them.

A report from the Texas Tribune said that Charleston White said he was an assassin, even though he did not do the killing.

The file showed that he was one of the first teenagers in Tarrant County, Texas, to be sentenced to life in prison for killing someone. However, he was saved after 4 juvenile correctional officers risked their jobs to argue his case in courtroom.

Because of this, Charleston White wasn’t sent to the Texas Youth Council Lockup. Instead, he was sent back to Giddings State School, where he stayed until a few months before his twenty-first birthday.

Charleston White FAQ

Why was Charleston White arrested?

He was arrested on the charge of murder.

What is Charleston White’s real name?

His real name is Charleston. Moreover, he is also known as Baby Blu.

Where is Charleston White from?

He is a native of Texas, United States.

Who is Charleston White’s wife?

He is married and the father of two kids. However, he does not share the name of his partner.

What is Charleston White’s net worth

His net worth is about $1.5 million