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Anna Lewandowska: The Wife of Robert Lewandowski

Anna Lewandowska is more than just the wife of one of the best footballers in the world, Robert Lewandowski. She is a successful athlete, entrepreneur, nutritionist, and fitness influencer who has inspired millions of people to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. In this article, we will explore the fascinating facts about Anna Lewandowska, from her childhood and career achievements to her personal life and hobbies.

Early Life and Education

Anna Lewandowska was born on September 7, 1988, in Łódź, Poland, to Bogdan and Maria Stachurski. Her father is a cinematographer and her mother is a former volleyball player. She has a younger sister, Milena, who also plays volleyball and has represented the U21 national team.

Anna was interested in sports from a young age, especially karate. She was inspired by her uncle Paweł Krzywański, a multiple medalist in international karate championships, and his daughter Katarzyna, a world, European, and Polish champion in individual kata. Anna joined the Pruszkow Karate Club and started competing at the age of 13.

Anna was also a good student who excelled in academics. She graduated from the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw in 2012, with a degree in physical education and nutrition. She defended her thesis on the influence of diet and physical activity on the body mass and composition of women.

Karate Career and Achievements

Anna Lewandowska is a decorated karateka who has won 38 medals at Polish, European, and World Championships. She competes in the kumite category, which involves sparring with an opponent. She is a black belt holder and a member of the Polish national team.

Some of her most notable achievements include:

  • Three bronze medals at the World Championships in 2008, 2010, and 2012
  • Two gold medals and four silver medals at the European Championships in 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2014
  • 29 Polish Championship medals, including 14 gold medals

Anna has also participated in other martial arts events, such as the World Combat Games and the World Games. She is widely regarded as one of the best female karate fighters in Poland and Europe.

Business and Media Ventures

Anna Lewandowska is not only a talented athlete, but also a savvy entrepreneur and a popular media personality. She has launched several successful projects related to health, fitness, and beauty.

In 2013, she became a certified nutritionist and started her blog Healthy Plan by Ann, which provides nutritional advice and workout plans for her followers. She also published her first book, Live Healthy and Active with Anna Lewandowska, in 2014, which became a bestseller in Poland.

In 2016, she launched her own brand of healthy snacks and dietary supplements, Foods by Ann, which offers products such as protein bars, granola, cookies, and teas. She also became the director of the Polish Special Olympics, an organization that supports people with intellectual disabilities through sports and social activities.

In 2019, she debuted as a TV host of the show Martial Arts, which aired on the morning television program Good Morning TVN. She also launched her own cosmetics brand, Phlov, which offers natural and vegan skincare products.

Anna Lewandowska has a huge fan base on social media, with over 2.8 million followers on Instagram and over 1.4 million followers on Facebook. She regularly posts photos and videos of her workouts, recipes, family, and travels. She also collaborates with various brands and celebrities, such as Adidas, Huawei, and Jennifer Lopez.

Personal Life and Family

Anna Lewandowska met her future husband, Robert Lewandowski, in 2008, when he was playing for the Polish club Lech Poznan. They started dating and got engaged in 2012. They tied the knot on June 22, 2013, at a lavish wedding ceremony in Serock, Poland.

Anna and Robert are one of the most famous and influential couples in Poland and Europe. They support each other’s careers and share a passion for sports and fitness. Anna often accompanies Robert to his matches and events, and Robert helps Anna with her business and media projects.

Anna and Robert have two daughters, Klara and Laura, who were born in 2017 and 2020, respectively. They live in Munich, Germany, where Robert plays for Bayern Munich. They also have a house in Warsaw, Poland, where they spend their holidays and vacations.

Anna and Robert are devout Catholics who attend church regularly and pray together. They also donate to various charities and causes, such as the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, the Foundation for Children with Cancer, and the Robert Lewandowski Foundation.

Hobbies and Interests

Anna Lewandowska is a woman of many talents and interests. She enjoys traveling, reading, cooking, and learning new languages. She speaks Polish, English, German, and Spanish fluently, and is currently learning French.

Anna is also fond of music and dancing. She plays the piano and the guitar, and likes to sing and rap. She has performed on stage with Polish rapper Tede and has recorded a song with Robert for a charity campaign. She also likes to dance salsa, bachata, and hip hop.

Anna is a fan of fashion and art. She likes to dress stylishly and elegantly, and often wears clothes and accessories from Polish designers. She also collects paintings and sculptures, and visits museums and galleries whenever she can.

Anna is an animal lover who owns two dogs, a golden retriever named Lima and a maltese named Bella. She also likes horses and has ridden them since she was a child.


Here are some quick facts about Anna Lewandowska:

NameAnna Lewandowska
Height1.72 m
PartnerRobert Lewandowski
ChildrenKlara and Laura
EducationAcademy of Physical Education in Warsaw
Favorite FoodAvocado toast
Net Worth$2 million
Favorite TV ShowFriends
PetLima and Bella