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Amy Goldschmidt: The Wife Behind the MVP, Paul Goldschmidt

Amy Goldschmidt is not just the wife of Paul Goldschmidt, the 2022 National League MVP and the star first baseman of the St. Louis Cardinals. She is also a former college golfer, a devoted mother of two, and a generous philanthropist. In this article, we will take a closer look at her life, her relationship with Paul, and her interests and passions.

Early Life and Education

Amy Goldschmidt was born in Fort Worth, Texas, to a Catholic family. She has a younger brother named Matt, who is also a golfer. She attended Texas Christian University’s Robert Carr Chapel, where she grew up playing golf. She was a talented player and earned a scholarship to play for the Texas State University Bobcats.

Meeting Paul Goldschmidt

Amy met Paul Goldschmidt in 2006, when they were both freshmen at Texas State University. They had some of the same classes and a required study hall, where they noticed each other. They became friends and started dating soon after. Amy said, “We hung out as friends, then became better friends and eventually started dating.”

Supporting Paul’s Career

Amy has been a supportive partner for Paul throughout his baseball career. She followed him to Arizona, where he was drafted by the Diamondbacks in 2009. She cheered him on as he made his MLB debut in 2011 and became one of the best hitters in the game. She also stood by him when he was traded to the Cardinals in 2018, a move that shocked many fans and analysts.

Amy said that the trade was hard at first, but they embraced the change and the opportunity to play for a historic franchise. She said, “It was definitely a surprise. We loved Arizona and we had a lot of great memories there. But we were excited to come to St. Louis and be part of this organization and this city. It’s been amazing so far.”

Raising Two Children

Amy and Paul have two children, a son named Jake and a daughter whose name they have not revealed. Jake was born in 2015 and their daughter was born in 2017. Amy said that being a mother is the most rewarding and challenging thing she has ever done. She said, “It’s the best thing ever. It’s also the hardest thing ever. It’s a lot of work, but it’s so worth it.”

Amy said that their children are very active and love sports. Jake plays baseball, soccer, and basketball, while their daughter enjoys gymnastics and dance. Amy said that they try to balance their kids’ activities with their own schedules and make time for family fun. She said, “We try to do things together as much as we can. We like to go to the zoo, the park, the movies, or just hang out at home. We also like to travel and see new places when we have the chance.”

Giving Back to the Community

Amy and Paul are also very involved in giving back to the community. They have supported various causes and organizations, such as the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, the Goldy’s Fund 4 Kids, the Cardinals Care, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. They have also hosted events and fundraisers, such as the Goldy’s Bowling Bash, the Goldy’s Celebrity Golf Classic, and the Goldy’s Dinner on the Diamond.

Amy said that they feel blessed to have the platform and the resources to help others in need. She said, “We feel like it’s our responsibility to give back and to use our influence for good. We want to make a difference in people’s lives and show them that we care. We also want to set a good example for our kids and teach them the importance of being kind and generous.”

Trivia Section

NameAmy Goldschmidt
Age36 (born in 1987)
PartnerPaul Goldschmidt (married since 2010)
ChildrenJake Goldschmidt (born in 2015) and a daughter (born in 2017)
Education LevelBachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Texas State University
Favorite FoodMexican food
Net WorthEstimated at $20 million (shared with Paul)
SiblingMatt (younger brother)
Favorite TV ShowThe Office
PetA dog named Louie


Amy Goldschmidt is more than just the wife of Paul Goldschmidt. She is a strong, independent, and caring woman who has her own identity and achievements. She is a loving wife, a proud mother, and a generous philanthropist. She is also a fan of golf, Mexican food, and The Office. She is a role model for many and a source of inspiration for Paul. She is Amy Goldschmidt, the wife behind the M