4 Fashionable Ways to Add Cannabis to Your Lifestyle

With the legalization of marijuana extending beyond simple medical use, it’s no surprise that it has entered the mainstream market. Like most things, it has a variety of uses and serves a range of uses when used responsibly. For those wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, marijuana can make an excellent addition. People from athletes to wellness coaches to moms all swear by the health benefits of incorporating cannabis products into your lifestyle. Here are a few trendy ways you can include it in your daily routine.

1. Smoking It

Smoking weed delivers quick effects that can last anywhere from one to three hours. This is because the lungs have a large surface area, which makes the transfer of THC and other cannabinoids to the bloodstream happen pretty quickly. There are a few different ways you can smoke it. One of the best ways to smoke cannabis is to use a bong. You can find bongs for sale in a variety of different shapes and sizes. They can be purely practical, or they can have a decorative twist to suit your aesthetic. Some of the most common uses for smoking weed include fast relief from pain and helping you fall asleep quickly. Different strains can have different effects on the body, as some are much stronger than others. We recommend taking it easy and starting out with milder strains so that you don’t have a bad experience.

2. Vaping It

Vaping is one of the most common ways for people to smoke these days. This includes regular nicotine liquid as well as a liquid containing THC. Vapes are battery-powered and come in a range of different shapes and sizes. This is dependent on your lifestyle as well as your personal preference. Some of them are thin and sleek and look like e-cigarettes (called vape pens), while others are rather large and make you release a large cloud of white vapor. You also have the option of reusable, or disposable vapes. Most people would recommend that you use a reusable one, but this is again down to personal choice and preference. 

Different vapes tend to work in a similar way. The cannabis is heated in the product chamber where either oil, e-liquid, or plant material is found. Some vapes allow you to adjust the heat of the electric coil responsible for heating up and activating the vape, but most smaller vapes don’t. This won’t really affect the quality of the cannabis in your vape, but some people do prefer to have the option with their vape to control the temperature.

You can comfortably know that the set heat is high enough to activate the cannabinoids and won’t burn them. When the vape liquid or plant oil is heated up to the correct temperature, the liquid turns into a vapor and can easily be inhaled. This is a much gentler way of getting THC in your body. You don’t burn it, so the risk of loss is much lower. You are able to get between 60-90% of the cannabinoids from the original material into the vapor, which translates into a much higher concentration of THC in the blood of people who use vapes. As it is a lower temperature than burning it, it is much gentler on the lungs and people tend to enjoy it more.

3. Edibles

Edibles aren’t just for college kids. There are a variety of different ways to consume cannabis in edible form. This ranges from gummies and brownies to drinks that are infused with THC and CBD. These aren’t always the most popular, though. Swallowed cannabis products tend to be unpredictable at times, and they are very difficult to dose. This is because your body needs to start digesting the thing you ate before it can start absorbing the THC. It can take almost 2 hours for you to feel the effects. Studies have found that some people don’t have any response to edibles, while others have an extreme high that is quite uncomfortable. All in all, the best course of action is to start out small and see how long an edible takes to kick in and experiment from there. Once you find the best dose for you, you can enjoy long-lasting effects without having to carry around paraphernalia that might smell.

4. Topicals

Topicals are another great way to incorporate cannabis into your life. Topicals penetrate the skin and go deep into the body. They work by entering the bloodstream via the skin. Once they are in the bloodstream they do their thing and within an hour, you should start to feel the effects. These are excellent for a range of ailments, especially targeting pain in specific areas and in the treatment of a variety of skin ailments.

Due to new scientific research and findings, cannabis is slowly but surely losing its taboo status. While it is definitely still considered taboo by plenty of people, it is more accessible than ever and is available in a variety of different forms. It’s up to you to decide how you wish to use it and how you’d like to incorporate it into your lifestyle.