2023 prices of cement in Ghana: GHACEM, Dzata, Diamond, CIMAF, Dangote

Cement prices in Ghana, GHACEM, Dzata, Dangote, Diamond

Cement is a necessity when it comes to building houses, bridges and sometimes in road constructions. In Ghana, prices of cements are always on the upward trend and rarely come down if you are to draw a chart. While you read below, I will explain conditions that always affect the price of cement in Ghana.

All cement prices

The below table shows the prices of cement brands in Ghana.

Cement prices in Ghana differ based on the location of the buyer. This is due to the fact that the cements will have to be transported from the manufacturing point to different parts of the country.

GHACEM = 80 cedis

Dzata = 70 cedis

Diamond = 70 cedis

Dangote = 70 cedis

Available cement brands or companies in Ghana

Even though you may not know a lot of them, there are more than six cement companies operating in Ghana. I have listed some of the brands that easily come off the head below:


2. Dzata

3. Diamond

4. Dangote


6. Supacem

Conditions that affect cement prices in Ghana

There are several factors that force the price of cement to go higher. 

Exchange rate

Although cements are produced in Ghana, certain raw materials, like the klinker required for their production, are imported. To be able to import the klinker, the companies require forex to do this. And if the cedi has depreciated against the dollar, then more cedis will be required to get dollars for the importation. In short, when the local currency depreciates against the dollar, it also affects the pricing of the cement after production.

Fuel price

Fuel price affects the price of cement because of the important roles it plays. You see, after the production of cements, a vehicle will be needed to transport these cements to the various parts of the country. And obviously, these vehicles need fuel to be able to move.

How to get a discount when buying cement in Ghana

Unfortunately, cement resellers do not provide discounts on the cement they sell to you. Only from manufacturers such as GHACEM, DZATA, DANGOTE, DIAMOND, and others can you get a discount.and to be able to purchase directly from these manufacturers, unless you are buying the cement in large quantities. As a result, in order to qualify for cement discounts, you must be working on a large project that will necessitate the use of a large quantity of cement.If you belong to this group, you can directly contact the manufacturer at their phone number and arrange a deal with them.