Wealthy home plus

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Wealthy home plus. 17ghc and 3 refferals.. Our compensatio plan *WEALTHY HOME PLUS* *MISSION: TO ERADICATE HUNGER AND CREATE WEALTH IN EVERY HOME* *COMPENSATION PLAN* FEEDER STAGE: On registration with 16ghc You are expected at this stage to register *3* persons directly under you. You recieve; *PROVISION* ✔ *three pieces of tomatoes* ✔ *Milk* ✔ *Milo* STAGE 1⃣(AMBER) Here you need *12* downlines who have completed feeders stage. On completing stage 1⃣ you receive; ✔ *5kg Rice* ✔ *1 litre cooking oil* ✔ *1 carton of Indomie* ✔ *1/4 carton tin tomatoes* ✔ *1 500g Milo* ✔ *1 400g Milk* ✔ *1 packet maggi* ✔ *1 packet salt* STAGE 2⃣(SAPPHIRE) Here you need *12* persons who have completed stage 1⃣ At completion ✔ you receive 390ghc worth of foodstuffs ✔ cash reward of 260ghc Incentive Toaster or electric kettle STAGE 3⃣(GOLD): Here you need *12* downlines who have completed stage 2⃣ At completion ✔you receive cash reward of 1560ghc ✔foodstuffs worth 910ghc. *_INCENTIVE: BLENDER OR TABLE TOP GAS COOKER_* STAGE 4⃣(DIAMOND): Here you need *12* downlines who have completed stage 3⃣. At completion ✔you receive cash of 9,100 ✔ foodstuffs worth 2,600gh INCENTIVE: ➕Washing machine ➕ Generator ➕Plasma Tv ➕Gas cooker with oven ➕ Fridge ➕ Freezer or cash equivalent of 1,300ghc STAGE 5⃣(PLATINUM) Here you need *12* downlines who have completed stage 4⃣, ✔you recieve a brand new car worth 65,000ghc ✔ cash reward of 13,000ghc ✔foodstuffs worth 3,900ghc ✔Laptop or AC or cash equivalent of 1,950ghc ✔Fuel Allowance: 1,300ghc ✔A grant of 2,600ghc to a widow or orphanage of your choice ➕foodstuffs worth 650ghc for 6 months STAGE 6⃣(AMBASSADOR) Here you need *12* downlines who have completed stage 5⃣ ✔you recieve a dream house worth 260,000ghc ✔A brand new SUV worth 156,000ghc ✔Cash reward of 130,000ghc ✔Foodstuffs worth 9,100ghc ✔An international trip for 2 to any Country of your choice ✔Electronics worth 19,500ghc ✔Borehole project for any community of your choice ✔Child Educational support of 13,000ghc ✔Additional foodstuffs worth 650ghc for 12 months After this stage you become part of the board of directors with indefinite incentives