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Special Herbal Cures
Among the many scams very common are Herbalist Doctors and Witch Doctors and Muti Doctors saying they have a special group of herbs that will cure Hepatitis B. The point we need to remember is all the herbs and products and diet that can help us look after our livers are available at our supermarkets and health food shops. We do not need anyone to tell us
Aloe Vera by Forever Living is a good food for liver health
Milk Thistle Plant Extract is good at relieving high Bilirubin Scores
Lemon and Green Tea is good at helping us urinate out toxins
A multi vitamin is good for all round health
We already know, and do not need to pay a lot of money to someone who tells us.
Hepantavir is also a good set of herbs for the liver, but again there are young men adding huge amounts to the price of it and telling people it can cure Hepatitis B and C which it cannot.
Special Religious Cures
Christianity. Sadly we have had patients who have given up proper anti virals or seeing professional doctors because a Christian Priest has told them faith will cure their Hepatitis B or C. We find the poor patients have been told if you believe in God you will not go to the doctor, but let God heal you and they become pressurised to not attend doctors appointments. If we are hearing of this happening in the UK also, there is real concern for people in many other states where the Church is the Centre of the Community. So remember God and prayer give us strength to do the best we can and the best thing to do with hepatitis is find good vaccinations and good doctors and medicines. It is that simple.
Islam. With the muslim faith we have had reports of Sharia type medicine endorsing both exorcism and bleeding out the Hepatitis in the UK. Both of these practices are very wrong and dangerous to patients. Children's eyes and adults eyes go yellow not because of Jinn evil spirits but due to hepatitis pushing Bilirubin into the blood stream, no amount of exorcism or punishing the person will speed their eyes back to normal. So if the eyes are yellow avoid all meat and fried foods and pain killers, beatings, chantings and locking the person up alone are all wrong ideas. Bleeding out the bad blood by cutting someone who has hepatitis is a very bad idea and often leads to more people getting infected and will do no good whatsoever.
Muti Doctors. In South Africa their are excellent herbalist witch doctors who are very good at diet, they taught the world many things about the healing power of Aloe Vera. In Somalia, many times I have heard of the wise older grandmothers telling children with Yellow Eyes to avoid fried food and take lots of water and rest. These are the kind words of wisdom from people who have learnt a lot about food and lived long lives, this type of healer is a real force for good in the home, in Africa and across the world and lets face it, they can provide help to someone who is unlikely to find funding for the latest NHS treatments. But again some doctors go too far charging lots of money or suggest they have cures for everything from infertility to cancer, from being penniless to being paralysed.
If we are Christian it is best to remember our hepatitis is a thorn to manage and not a crucifix to self pity about.
If we are Muslim we should see the excellent example of a Prophet who prescribed super liver friendly dates and no alcohol as a lifestyle.
If we see a Traditional Healer let him be like a caring elder or a diet specialist.
Again the concern here is we have found just like people their are good Priests and not such good ones and the way to spot them is often the amount of our money they want.

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