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If its harmful for your consumption, then its not sweet-able for your skin. Get a naturally flawless skin and the glow you've always desired with Delix Herbal Organic chocolate set. its based on natural and organic local raw materials without any chemicals. The herbal chocolate set ,..... moisturizes, treat acne, dark spots, eczema, pimples, sunburns, fade stretch marks, balance uneven skin tone repair damatreats dry skin, hiper-pigmentation, dalay wrinkles, treat blemishes, heal scars, eczema , Psoriasis, treat discoloration , gently exfoliate, fade away black spots on the skin, restores the skin elasticity, treat the skin of damages caused by bleaching, naturally tones the skin , restores the skin elasticity and skin breakages, it blends uneven skin, tones and glows it as well. Call or WhatsApp +233241643382/+233507744760 for more enquiries.

GH ₵ 200

Delix Natural Organic cosmetics

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