Kelvynboy fires back at Bullet and Wendy Shay in latest video

07 June, 2019 05:36 pm

Ghanaian Afrobeats singer Kelvynboy known in real life Kelvin Brown has responded to the recent jab by Bullet and Wendy Shay.

Burniton Music Group artiste Kelvynboy has thrown some jabs in response to what Rufftown Records CEO Bullet wrote on Instagram about the peace press conference brouhaha.

According to the 'Afrobeats' hitmaker, awards and hit songs do not make him who he is as Kelvynboy.

In an interview with Accra based radio station Accra FM, Kelvyboy responded to Bullet's post concerning the peace press conference brouhaha.

After being asked by the host whether fans did not vote for him, Kelvynboy replied  "Let me tell you something, me Kelvynboy, it is not awards or hit songs that will make me." "Because there are people that if you tell them to bring out one Kelvynboy song on their phone they can't but if they are mentioning those with four and five hits, they mention my name also," he added.

Kelvynboy went on to jab Bullet and Wendy as he said "She is the one who need awards more and hit songs to stay relevant, as for me I will come and sing and stay relevant."



Meanwhile he denied that he has habored any pain in him concerning Wendy Shay's win as he claimed that he is just speaking the truth.

Kelvynboy's comment followed a post that Wendy Shay's manager Bullet wrote on his Instagram page concerning the peace press conference brouhaha.

In the post, Bullet jabbed Kelvynboy as he wrote "I am old and with my experience in this industry I have never seen a man beefing a woman all in the name of awards."

His post accused Kelvynboy of shunning Wendy Shay because she won VGMA New Artiste of the Year over him.
In an earlier interview however, Kelvynboy apologized to Wendy Shay, claiming that he did not shun her intentionally.



Source: Yen


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