21 July, 2019 07:20 pm

As the adage goes, “there are so many ways to kill a cat”, so are there so many ways to access technology…and the use of 3u tool software is one of the ways to get media to your iPhone instead of ITunes.

What is 3u tool

3u tool is a third party software that is built to also support the means of exporting media to iPhone just like ITunes. Third party software’s are developed to support the original software, these software’s are mostly simple, more upgraded and ensures easy accessibility.

Features of 3utool

Just like any software for apple products, the 3u tool software also has some wonderful features and some of them will be very beneficial to you.
The following are some of the features 3uTool has
  1. Info-this feature gives you the necessary information about your phone
  2. Apps-this feature displays the apps you have on your phone
  3. Music-this feature, displays your music, gives you access to export music to your iPhone
  4. Ringtone-this feature helps you to set a ringing tone for yourself
  5. Back-up /restore-this feature enables you to back up and restore your iPhone.
these are a few features, you can find more on the software

How to set ringing tone using 3u tools

Most IPhones are identified with its default ringtone , and this can get annoying when you happen to be at a place with a number of people using the same iPhone tone ,everyone turns to look on their phone when there is an incoming call.
3U tool gives you the opportunity to be different by setting your favorite music as your ringtone for your IPhone.
The following steps will take you through the process of setting a ringtone
Step 1; Download and install 3u tool on your computer (
Step2: Connect IPhone to the computer
Step3: Click on the make ringtone button
Step4: Click on from pc if you don’t have music on your computer /from Idevice if you have music on your phone.
Step 5: Choose the music then click on the select button
Step 6: Choose to adjust the music or not
Step 7: Click on generate ringtone
Step 8: Click on import to device
Step 9: Click on the settings icon on your phone
Step 10: Click on sounds and haptics
Step 11:  Click on ringtone (you will see the music you imported added to the ringtone category)
Step 12: Select the ringtone and you would have successfully set a new ringtone for your IPhone.


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