CCTV footage of how the Canadian girls were kidnapped hits the internet

14 June, 2019 09:33 am

- Footage of the kidnapping of two Canadian girls on that fateful day pops up

- The video obtained from national security sources begins with a small orange Uber taxi driving the girls

A CCTV footage of the kidnapping of the two Canadians on June 4, in the Ashanti Region has emerged.

The video captures moments before the girls, Bailey Chitty and Lauren Patricia Catherine were captured.

The video shows how the captors in a Toyota Corolla S with registration number AS 6149-19 tailgated an Uber driver and in a Rambo-style attack held the two before the Uber driver sped off with one other.


According to, the video obtained from national security sources does not however, show the girls vividly.

Meanwhile, it has also emerged that the final holding point of the two kidnapped ladies was an unhygienic place.

A two-bedroom apartment located at a settlement that is mashy and outgrown with weeds appears to have been unoccupied long before the kidnapped ladies were taken there.

The kidnapped Canadians, who were kidnapped were freed in the early hours of Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at Sawaba, Kumasi.



Source: Yen

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